Monday, December 5, 2011

End of semester wrap-up 2.

You know what I don't like?

Why do people think that in order to have a good picture you have to over expose the shot? It looks really bad. Who wants a picture where all you can see is eyes, hair and a lip line? I guess there is a background........ But do you know what I'm talking about?

Wanna-be Utah photographers. They pick up a camera, like a Canon Rebel, they don't know what the heck is going on with it, slap it on auto and start clicking away. Better yet, they slap on some random random manuel settings. But you know, whatever floats your boat. <---CLICHE--- Then they throw it through photoshop and smash some funky filter on it. Yuck.

What else annoys me...I just have some pet peeves...I can't sit in a silent room while someone eats cereal.

You can't leave milk out.


Well, this semester was...interesting. I went on a record number of dates. I don't know too many weeks when I wasn't on one. Also...record number of heart breaks. haha Guess that comes with the territory. I think I might be stepping down though from the dating scene for the rest of the semester. We'll see.

The new ward is ok. I say that because some people I see, probably, feel like they don't have a group of friends. That's totally sad. One of my roommates is getting married and that's pretty special. I've had the priviledge of watching that relationship blossom from a friendship to courtship to eternal relationship built on trust. They are way in love. I think they are starting to act like eachother. haha Cute.

He sold his contract, hope we don't get some goofus.  I can't handle that.

I think I got my first A in a gen ed at BYU. Pysch 111. Shoot dang and it only took three semesters.

I've designed a lot of good stuff. Not to mention read some crazy stuff about mythilogical language and origins of cultures. Whack.

I've lost slightly more money than I've slightly I mean...kinda a sizeable chunk. Ugh.

My hands are drying out...lame dry Utah.

Love my fhe group. haha We have gotten somewhat close.


Halloween. Decent...N'Sync in show.

Thanksgiving...better than best. Just so good. I mean MVP turkey bowl performance, 18lb turkey, 50+ potatoes, etc, Nickel City, Bow and Arrow, shooting things haha.... shooting people. Does not get any better.

Christmas...I kinda don't want to talk about it. So much I want to do...but...yeah...probably not going to happen. Blah...

Mom and Dad are doing great...Mom's birthday is soon. She's a saint. It's been a hard year. I can't wait to see her.

*sigh* not as much hype this semester. There have been good times, but it feels like we are more settled or something. Not even as much basketball. Meh. That's all I think...I might post stuff as I think of it too.

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