Sunday, June 3, 2012


So I have a blog for Mom and Joe...that leaves Dad.

Dad, Dad, order to talk about Dad I feel like I need to talk about Mom. That should speak something to their relationship. Mom is quiet. She'll read a book and be happy. She doesn't have to do much of anything to be happy, in all reality. loud. Dad is active. Dad wants to be going places and doing things. Dad always took us to Cedar Point. That place is too sweet. Dad and I went on this crazy bungee jump thing on my first trip to Utah at like 12 or 13. Dad wants to Tornado chase with the guys you see on TV. They do it for like 10 grand and you chase for a week, Dad will eventually do it. Though he's 51. He has ridden over 300 miles on a  bike (or something crazy like that) in the past 3 years.  I encourage it...haha let him live life! And he's doing rather well.

Dad was the enforcer. Punishments were dealt by Dad. The thing is is Dad wanted it that way. His way of thinking was that he wanted us to love Mom and not like him if anything. (I have many many stories of Dad enforcing....haha)

I think his italiano blood gave him somewhat of a short temper (and I got it from him). Not so much nowadays, he's cooled off.

We were never wanting to help him with stuff because we could never do it right...or to his specs. However, some of my favorite memories were dad helping me make things or building the basement. That's when I was introduced to Rush, which led to my families somewhat healthy obsession with the canadian band (notice the non-capitalized canadian, sorry, when your currency is worth more than ours I'll consider it, which is pretty soon I think. Keep your fingers crossed.)

From him, is where I learned craftsmanship, the craftsmanship that benefits me today and helped me get into the InDes program.

Dad is the person I got my, go big or go home mentality and my excitement for life. It was between both Mom and Dad where excitement, scholarship and comedy met. Seeking learning, while also seeking fun...perhaps thats the benefits of having parents who are so opposite.

Dad was the source of common sense. If I wanted a straight answer, I got a straight answer from Dad. According to BYU that's what makes him a good engineer, simple quick solutions.
Speaking of common sense, my Dad has a lot of phrases, I don't know where they came from, but I do know they are good and beneficial. "If she does it to you once, she'll do it again." "Like all get out" "The bacon is on fire"

"When Mom and Dad are dead it's just you and your brother." - When Joe and I got into fights that's exactly what Dad would say...along with "SO GET ALONG."

"You have two arms and legs." - Didn't originate with Dad, but he said it enough you'd think he made it up. Really though, there are so many lazy kids amazes me. I guess I know because I live with a group of my own many lost values that I Dad taught that seem to be lost with some of my peers. Frustrating....but he always wanted Joe and I to do work and to work for what we have. "If you want something bad enough, get it."

"Don't ever tell me what I can't do." - Dad was told at a young age he wouldn't amount to much. Someone needs to find that guy and tell him what's up, because he was dead wrong. I'd fashion to say that Dad became more than that guy did.

"There is such thing as soap and water." - He really didn't like that Joe and I were afraid to get dirty. But...who wants to get dirty sometimes? haha and who wants to grab something unrecognizable because of nastiness?

"Use both hands." - To me this is more of a principle of excellence. How many people half-butt a lot of things I said earlier....just laziness.

"Use your muscles." - Again a principle of excellence.

Dad is a stone when it comes to gospel principles. He has never flinched in living principles. He has always been a straight line. He has always been very matter of fact about all that, even stuff I learn.