Monday, October 24, 2011


So I was in Book of Mormon class. We were starting the book of Jacob. For those of you who don't know that particular section of the Book of Mormon is when Nephi is about to die. The small plates are about to passed down to Jacob the brother of Nephi. The Nephites were starting to fall into some gross wickedness, mainly breaking the sacred law of chastity. For those of you who might be confused with this statement, the law of chastity is not specifically mentioned  as the "law of chastity" in scripture, but we title the Lord saying "thou shalt not commit adultery" as that, a law. The law is that there should be no sexual relations outside the bonds of marriage between a man and woman. No adultery.

But why the law of chastity? We know that our body makes us like God, our spirit makes us like God, and the other thing that makes us like God is our power to procreate. Therefore it is sacred, much like our body and spirit. Why did it take Jacob thirty verses to finally get around to talking about it? Because it is sacred.

Why the law of chastity? Fidelity has no meaning. Abortion is everywhere. Children born to drug addicted mothers etc. Why the law of chastity? The Proclamation to the Family states that children have the RIGHT to be brought up in a loving and nuturing family with a mother and father.

In the class a student said that procreation is like a fire. When harnessed is life giving, even essential. When not safe guarded can be a destroying force.

I bring this up because I feel the Lord is unhappy with the world. Trust is ruined, feelings deeply hurt.  Mosiah 4:29 I will not list all the ways whereby ye may commit sin.

Jacob says there is a way over it, "for ye may, if your minds are firm, forever". I have a firm testimony that Jesus Christ has atoned for the sins of the world. I know that independent of everything and everyone. Wounds can be healed. The words are, and it came to pass...not and it came to stay. Trust in him.

It's our job to be spiritually sensitive to those pictures, images, attire etc. that are wrong and do all we can to block those things and keep our spiritual sensitivity. There is a lot out there that isn't blatent pornagraphy, but does weeken us slightly. And its by these slow degrees, that bigger things are let in. I'm paraphrasing Elder Russell M. Ballard from my notes taken from our stake conference this past weekend. He spoke truth.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Quote-Unquote Stupid Guys.

I heard someone talk about this the other night. This girl said, “Why are guys dumb?”

My response was simple. They aren't, you talk to the wrong guys. Talk to different ones. It’s about the guy being man enough to live the standards of the Church. It’s about guys who aren’t afraid to talk about feelings. It’s about guys who aren’t afraid to commit.  It’s about guys who aren’t about loud laughter, who seek after knowledge and ask questions. It’s about guys who aren’t afraid to do what you want to do, girly or not.
I could point them out all day long, but it’s funny, when I do, they are the first ones to “try” to turn things around. Time and time again, it doesn’t happen. Honestly though ladies, we know what we need to be doing. I’ll add a few last remarks. Watch out for the guy that stands to close, who is a little touchy feely and who talks about things with no meaning or substance. (Just noticed that one recently.)
The most deep brother you’ll find isn’t playing football, though he could be, he’ll be soaked in homework figuring out a math problem. The one that’ll rub your feet at the end of a hard day’s work is found with glasses on in the front row of astrophysics class, or the lead accountant/financial advisor intern for H&R Block.

Life update.
Aside from all that, I'm a Temple worker now and I love it. It's been a great calling and I hope it blesses my family. School is great. I have a great schedule that's not too tough and I'm getting great grades! Money is a little tight, but I'm making it through. I don't know how, but I am. I've met some great people from the new ward. Everything is looking good. Not only that, Thanksgiving and Christmas are coming and that's just cool. Its getting cold in out here, but I like it. In a few weeks it's going to be freezing. Therefore I'm enjoying what little bit of fall there is. I missed hiking Timp again. Lame. We were going to go with some way cool girls from the ward, but the mountain got blasted with snow. Dang. I want that mountain.  Anyway, that's my life to this point. I'm still alive in you yourself FHE group.

One last thing....what up with girls not holding doors for guys? Holy geez...give love to get love...