Monday, December 5, 2011

End of semester wrap-up 2.

You know what I don't like?

Why do people think that in order to have a good picture you have to over expose the shot? It looks really bad. Who wants a picture where all you can see is eyes, hair and a lip line? I guess there is a background........ But do you know what I'm talking about?

Wanna-be Utah photographers. They pick up a camera, like a Canon Rebel, they don't know what the heck is going on with it, slap it on auto and start clicking away. Better yet, they slap on some random random manuel settings. But you know, whatever floats your boat. <---CLICHE--- Then they throw it through photoshop and smash some funky filter on it. Yuck.

What else annoys me...I just have some pet peeves...I can't sit in a silent room while someone eats cereal.

You can't leave milk out.


Well, this semester was...interesting. I went on a record number of dates. I don't know too many weeks when I wasn't on one. Also...record number of heart breaks. haha Guess that comes with the territory. I think I might be stepping down though from the dating scene for the rest of the semester. We'll see.

The new ward is ok. I say that because some people I see, probably, feel like they don't have a group of friends. That's totally sad. One of my roommates is getting married and that's pretty special. I've had the priviledge of watching that relationship blossom from a friendship to courtship to eternal relationship built on trust. They are way in love. I think they are starting to act like eachother. haha Cute.

He sold his contract, hope we don't get some goofus.  I can't handle that.

I think I got my first A in a gen ed at BYU. Pysch 111. Shoot dang and it only took three semesters.

I've designed a lot of good stuff. Not to mention read some crazy stuff about mythilogical language and origins of cultures. Whack.

I've lost slightly more money than I've slightly I mean...kinda a sizeable chunk. Ugh.

My hands are drying out...lame dry Utah.

Love my fhe group. haha We have gotten somewhat close.


Halloween. Decent...N'Sync in show.

Thanksgiving...better than best. Just so good. I mean MVP turkey bowl performance, 18lb turkey, 50+ potatoes, etc, Nickel City, Bow and Arrow, shooting things haha.... shooting people. Does not get any better.

Christmas...I kinda don't want to talk about it. So much I want to do...but...yeah...probably not going to happen. Blah...

Mom and Dad are doing great...Mom's birthday is soon. She's a saint. It's been a hard year. I can't wait to see her.

*sigh* not as much hype this semester. There have been good times, but it feels like we are more settled or something. Not even as much basketball. Meh. That's all I think...I might post stuff as I think of it too.

Thursday, November 10, 2011


Listen. Liquid marshmellow is neither solid nor liquid. Therefore it is a soquid. It's pretty much a fact.

If you turn your shirt inside out and wear it...does the back become the front?

I think so.

I wish my roommates were here to bounce ideas off of. Usually I come up with some really good stuff. So. Here I am, mid to late semeseter. What have I learned?

Of course, I always tell it how it is so I'm just going to say it. I understand that guys have to give some effort to catch girls, but some things are just out of control. I've invented a word for it.

Background: So I have a phrase that I got from the "Fails of the week" people. (If you want to know who they are talk to me.) The phrase is "Broing out".

Broing Out - (v.) when two males are seen together talking about or gesturing manly things and just being overall manly for manlinesses sake

Bro Date - (n.) Broing out on the town.

Stupid - (adj.) See above. (It could also be written Stupid - synonym - Bro Date. As well, Sad = Bro Date)

That's wildly off topic, but we are working up to things.

Wing Man - a guy who helps another guy attain to a conversational with a female(s); a male who assists another male in looking way cool when in conversational with a female(s); male A who goes with male B on a group date and A assists B in establishing foundationals with said female(s).

Wing man/men are way good for stuff. I don't know what stuff just you know...any type' stuff.

Ok. New word...and therefore new definition.

Tooling Out (v.) - Recreational activities that involve guys doing lame things just to talk to girl(s), nearly stalking them.

I see this everywhere. I don't know. I'm okay with it. I find it rather odd and off-put doing things that are border line stalking just to talk to a girl. I mean...stalking is weird right? Maybe and maybe we say in InDes any concept is ok if you do it right. So go big or go home. Sometimes. Refer to the dating tips, the disclaimer. Feeeeel it out. Haha oh boy............well.... I feel like this is an awkward point in this blog so.......

TOPIC SWITCH...I do this in my blogs a lot. Maybe one day I will write a blog about how I write blogs. Saying this could exist on a continum. A blog about how I write blogs about how I write blogs, which is a blog in which I analyze my analyzing of my blog writing. Score!

Apartment Random Definitions -

Mud-Blooding It - haha it's when you mess something up or play terrible basketball.

Take it light - My personal favorite. It's like saying take it easy, but obviously cooler obviously (Scott Pilgrim reference).

So that's that's that. Really though, these phrases are mostly used for comic releif <---i before e mispelling. Like, we say new and crazy stuff all the time. It's part of our apartments goal to be masters of the metaphor. Also, we feel it to be a great skill to be able to dictate our feelings at any given time, but not only that, we want to be able to say it in three different ways. You know, tell you it thrice times hence. Perhaps, even articulate our vernacular in the third variability.

Monday, October 24, 2011


So I was in Book of Mormon class. We were starting the book of Jacob. For those of you who don't know that particular section of the Book of Mormon is when Nephi is about to die. The small plates are about to passed down to Jacob the brother of Nephi. The Nephites were starting to fall into some gross wickedness, mainly breaking the sacred law of chastity. For those of you who might be confused with this statement, the law of chastity is not specifically mentioned  as the "law of chastity" in scripture, but we title the Lord saying "thou shalt not commit adultery" as that, a law. The law is that there should be no sexual relations outside the bonds of marriage between a man and woman. No adultery.

But why the law of chastity? We know that our body makes us like God, our spirit makes us like God, and the other thing that makes us like God is our power to procreate. Therefore it is sacred, much like our body and spirit. Why did it take Jacob thirty verses to finally get around to talking about it? Because it is sacred.

Why the law of chastity? Fidelity has no meaning. Abortion is everywhere. Children born to drug addicted mothers etc. Why the law of chastity? The Proclamation to the Family states that children have the RIGHT to be brought up in a loving and nuturing family with a mother and father.

In the class a student said that procreation is like a fire. When harnessed is life giving, even essential. When not safe guarded can be a destroying force.

I bring this up because I feel the Lord is unhappy with the world. Trust is ruined, feelings deeply hurt.  Mosiah 4:29 I will not list all the ways whereby ye may commit sin.

Jacob says there is a way over it, "for ye may, if your minds are firm, forever". I have a firm testimony that Jesus Christ has atoned for the sins of the world. I know that independent of everything and everyone. Wounds can be healed. The words are, and it came to pass...not and it came to stay. Trust in him.

It's our job to be spiritually sensitive to those pictures, images, attire etc. that are wrong and do all we can to block those things and keep our spiritual sensitivity. There is a lot out there that isn't blatent pornagraphy, but does weeken us slightly. And its by these slow degrees, that bigger things are let in. I'm paraphrasing Elder Russell M. Ballard from my notes taken from our stake conference this past weekend. He spoke truth.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Quote-Unquote Stupid Guys.

I heard someone talk about this the other night. This girl said, “Why are guys dumb?”

My response was simple. They aren't, you talk to the wrong guys. Talk to different ones. It’s about the guy being man enough to live the standards of the Church. It’s about guys who aren’t afraid to talk about feelings. It’s about guys who aren’t afraid to commit.  It’s about guys who aren’t about loud laughter, who seek after knowledge and ask questions. It’s about guys who aren’t afraid to do what you want to do, girly or not.
I could point them out all day long, but it’s funny, when I do, they are the first ones to “try” to turn things around. Time and time again, it doesn’t happen. Honestly though ladies, we know what we need to be doing. I’ll add a few last remarks. Watch out for the guy that stands to close, who is a little touchy feely and who talks about things with no meaning or substance. (Just noticed that one recently.)
The most deep brother you’ll find isn’t playing football, though he could be, he’ll be soaked in homework figuring out a math problem. The one that’ll rub your feet at the end of a hard day’s work is found with glasses on in the front row of astrophysics class, or the lead accountant/financial advisor intern for H&R Block.

Life update.
Aside from all that, I'm a Temple worker now and I love it. It's been a great calling and I hope it blesses my family. School is great. I have a great schedule that's not too tough and I'm getting great grades! Money is a little tight, but I'm making it through. I don't know how, but I am. I've met some great people from the new ward. Everything is looking good. Not only that, Thanksgiving and Christmas are coming and that's just cool. Its getting cold in out here, but I like it. In a few weeks it's going to be freezing. Therefore I'm enjoying what little bit of fall there is. I missed hiking Timp again. Lame. We were going to go with some way cool girls from the ward, but the mountain got blasted with snow. Dang. I want that mountain.  Anyway, that's my life to this point. I'm still alive in you yourself FHE group.

One last thing....what up with girls not holding doors for guys? Holy geez...give love to get love...

Friday, September 23, 2011


Why is BYU built on a huge hill? Maybe I wouldn't feel so lazy then. Like I know we Mormon's get thrilled on building stuff on top of hills/mountains, but please stop...or install those sick like flat escalator things like at airports. If you jog on those things you are cruising like 25 mph. That's a fact.

Or at least make bus passes a little more available. Don't get me wrong I like my legs being cut (muscularly), but c'mon, enough is enough is enough. I mean...900 is the weakest road of all time. Oh.........uh have a car? Where are you going to park? Try parking somewhere at 8 in the morning in Provo. Not possible. The only student parking lots are south of the giant hill and the other one is north of a giant hill that BYU cut out themselves. hahaha. We sure do love gradients here, huh?

I bet you were thinking, "Well, friend, live on campus." Hahaha...that's cute...really...really it is that. Oh BYU? sorry...only freshmen get that luxury. Yeah...go live down the hill for staying here for more than one year.

I kid....I'm kidding about being mad...Im not kidding about the rest of it. Those are facts.

I love this school. Just the other morning I didn't wanna go to work, but the thought of losing all four............ty (haha) dollars that I make a week, forced me to my feet, which peddled my bike, which perspired me, which brought me to the frozen tundra of the's not's only cold. But its all good, because days like today make it ok.

Basically, what this is about is when I complain I can continue to make stuff up to complain about. Most of the time I just laugh about it all.

Anywho, this post was written late at night when I was extremely tired. Why is BYU built on a hill (a bluff)? haha get it?

Haha This is the mean that flat by the stinky lake?

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

People....the Peeoplllllle.

A good question was raised the other day in my Psych class. Why are people the way they are? For me the biggest bullet point under that was, "Why are some people perfectly happy reading a book and being by themselves, while others have to base jump and shoot rockets to be happy?" It's a perplexing question to me. Why is it that some people suck at math? Math is straight up. You get what you get. Sure trig functions and identities can get weird and derivitives can get nuts, all reality once you get it, you get it.

What can't some people draw? I've always wondered. Is it a motor skill defect? Draw what you see. It's right there. Its not that hard. Or...what? I mean one is going to draw something completely prefect as if it were printed off the computer. But really, general in a still life should be easy. I just don't get it. Sit a bunch of people in a room and tell them to draw a still life and, well, you never know what you'll get. Maybe it's that we don't work that skill enough as a child or work the creative side enough. Who knows?

Why do some guys like red headed daughters of God while others like blonde headed daughters of God? Weird way to put it...but shut up. How else could I say that in a respectful manner?

Anyway. That's it really. I just want to know what makes people tick.

There was an even crazier question posed, "why is there consciousness?" That one kinda blew my mind. Why do we need to be self-aware?

There isn't much else to say. I mean it's a hard subject because, well, there is no real answer I assume. We looked at some pictures of brains, do you know the ones? Like, infrared? (Ohhh...MRI...oops...I'm dumb I just realixed that after typing all this and don't want to erase it all.) Well, the ones that show brain heat? A lot of the brain isn't doing much, at least, there is no heat, which I guess means there is no activity. Why don't we use more of our brain? Oh well, that's neither here nor there.

So. School is going great. I love my classes. I love my schedule. I have plenty of time to work on stuff. I also really like checking out the upcoming freshmen. (It kinda helps me understand why its hard for my professors to cut people. I mean, some people just have so much potential and some just don't and it's hard to tell people that because it goes so much against the grain of today's "you can do anything" attitude. I want everyone to succeed, but some just won't.) They are so cool. Full of ambition. Trying to make sense of what the design professors are trying to say. I try to point them in some direction and it's fun. At the same time I made a lego on a computer rendering program. haha Life is so good. I'm finally learning how to color too. My professor told me and a couple other students today that we were good enough to get a job. That was nice. Hey parentals! Hope life is good.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Nuclear 72-Hour Kit. This is ridiculous. You are warned.

So we were talking about things we should do should there ever be a nuclear attack in happy valley. My roommates (and the unfortunate fiance that got stuck in the situation) and I came up with three things that could survive the nuclear event and, therefore, we could use. Thanks to my precious Mother...who still doesn't have my Mother's Day card...oh boy probably should mail that....embarassing...but thanks to her it has become known as the Nuclear 72-Hour Kit.

I remembered on the Simpsons one time, I think, that a twinkie survived the nuclear reactor. This being said, might I offer one life saving tip? Twinkie house. Who needs bricks and mortar? Secondly, who needs a bomb shelter? Head over to your local grocer or costco and pick yourself up a box......or seventy. You know...enough to make un house. Better yet, go to the supplier and order a whole pallet load, twinkie mansion. I don't want Pop Tarts to feel out of the loop so make sure to supply your twinkie house with a box or two. I know what you are thinking, "Hey pal, I don't want to make a twinkie house. The home owners association would flip their lid!" To you I say, I have alternatives. Line your walls with twinkies. However, this is only effective if you know the bomb is coming and you can prepare. Another alternative, is something I really am excited about. I believe you can buy the batter for twinkies. Get it? Just fill your bath tub with batter. The blast is coming, jump in. Theoretically, not only will you be safe, but the blast will bake the twinkies and then you can eat your way out of the golden goodness. :)

2. Cockroaches
No one likes em but dang it, if they can save your life in an atomic blast you better cover yourself in them! Oh come onnnnn. They are just bugs. Alternative. Cover yourself in twinkies and let the roaches just kinda nibble on them. Not only is that double coverage, but you don't have to touch the icky roaches. Sure you could cover yourself in something else and then get the roaches, but it might not be nuclear proof.<---Thinker

3. Diamonds
They say diamonds are/last forever, let's put that to the ultimate test! Under the most intense pressure, these babies are formed. I'm thinking, diamond box, diamond hinges, diamond lock, three inch thick diamond walls, ---oxygen tank---, diamond all-terrain wheels, with a cockroach powered diamond propeller/engine (that way if you get stuck you can just drive your way out). Also...the diamond shelter will also have its own strong radio signal in case you are lost somewhere.

I've always had a theory that the most amazing thing to have in case of intense lava flows, is a diamond bubble or diamond raft. I had just watched Dante's Peak. Ever seen it? You'd want a diamond raft too with diamond paddles. Poor Grandma. The diamond shelter will have the rutter just to get through lava...for nostaligic purposes.

Complete the ensamble by lining the inside with twinkies for cushioning and caloric needs.

DIAMOND SHELTER FOR THE WIN. You'll be able to look nuclear blasts in the face and say, "Stop it. Just stop it. You aren't scary, you."

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Something like an awakening...

Smelly people around me got me thinking about my own aroma. This is serious business.

So I need a new deodorant. Let me tell you why. It's Old Spice. So that's good. But you know how you have to change your alarm sound because you get use to it and you stop waking up when it goes off? Well......that doesn't exactly corrolate.

But I need a new deodorant. The other day I was at work and I realized that I didn't like my own scent. It was really powerful because it went through my lab coat and my hoody. Maybe I was just perspired cutting fruit at a blistering speed and my deodorant decided it needed to work overtime. That's neither here nor there.<---cliche. The point is that I sniffed and yeah...old spice is the perfect name, because it was just that, spicey. My nose tingled a lil bit.

So I'm going to look for a new scent because I figure, new school year, new scent. <---Logic. I want to walk into class like a fresh catnip for the scent of a wolf shirt or wolf shirt in scent form... I like Old Spice because it lasts long, but I have no desire to smell spicey.

I want a wolf shirt so bad.

I don't think I'd ever wear it. I just want it...I have a shirt with Mr.T's face on it. It's too dominant. It needs competition. (If you want a good laugh search wolf shirt at amazon and look at the reviews.)

There's too many choices of scents. Axe is for tools<---new favorite word. Degree is for women. Right Guard....?...maybe. Arm and Hammer..hahahaha..let's not play, that's detergent in a spreadable solid.

Have you ever had the gel deodorant? like it comes out of little holes in an aqueous state........what the heck is that about? And when you plop it on, it's ice cold. You have to shimmy it on and , from what I remember wearing it in 6th grade, I had to flap my arms around something like a chicken gargonzola to get it to stop being cold. So stupid. Forget putting it on when you're wearing a shirt because once you touch your shirt with it, you get to live with ice cold gel on your shirt.

^^^^That was a rant about gel deodorant. It was too long. haha^^^^

 So I dunno. Well that's that. I have my roommates back. Sorry, that could be confusing. My roommates moved in. So expect more of this. Our apartment is full of it. I'm excited for school to start. I also want to play more basketball. Yes. Yes I do.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Flirting/Not Flirting and Life Update.

The people want my life, so I'll give them my life.

Yeah. So I had this conversation the other day with my brother and a great guy in my ward. He's got an amazing testimony and can bear it. Overall just a stud. Ladies? We were talking in his car after a killer fhe playing kick the can. On the way, this one guy from the ward rode with us. He tried to hook up the great guy with this new girl our ward, which listen...that's whack...don't try to hook a guy up with a girl he doesn't know. I would think he'd rather want to know the person first. That's wonkie. Anyway...{scene}...

The car ride back is nuts. Turns out, this dude started walking home with the girl he tried hooking know what...for our purposes lets call him Rick (great guy, testimony, earlier in the blog)...and the dumber broseph...will be...... Stan. Stan is walking home with the girl he tried to hook Rick up with. So we get to talking. and Rick is like yeah...Stan has got his eyes on Ann (another girl in the ward...not the one he walked home with). So I'm like, "yeah...what up with that?" Because this girl has 5 guys around her and her sister every Sunday. Weeeeeird. I mean they are cool and all, but not 5 guys cool. So I asked Rick, "Yeah man. What's with that?"

--------------He says,"I don't know, but I think all those guys are after them...or have tried."
--------------"Yeah...I don't get that." (Not that these girls are homely, but they ain't no Karen Allen. hahahahaha did that just get said?)
--------------"Me either. But the thing is, is I don't think these girls know how to flirt so guys even know who they're interested in. Then, if a guy goes for it and he's wrong then it's all kinda over ya know?" Rick asks.

So that's that. Girls are stupid!!!!!!!!!!!!

haha...I'm only kidding.......or am I? I am....but only a little. Girls need to know how to flirt. At least...Provo mormon girls need to know how to flirt. You know, seperate a "nice conversation" from "I want you now". ( I don't know about you but I make it pretty clear.) And honestly, I don't know if girls get that crazy about guys anymore. haha...maybe a few...ooookkkk...lets begin. Wait wait...Before I begin, isn't flirting just about letting the guy know without letting him know? I do believe I'm right. So...probably make it clear by actions.

A light touch on the arm goes a long way.
Lean in when the guy you like is speaking.
Also. Girls can muster up this sorta look...that is a dead giveaway. Yeah ladies, you know how it is. Or maybe I'm wrong, but now know that there is a look.
This is kinda effective...not sure how much at this point. But okay. Show up to the guys apartment. If the guy likes you at all, he'll be pumped to have you there. It's worked for a couple of girls I know.

Mostly I think girls are just afraid of informing a dude that she likes him because that means he's out of the friend category. Hmmm...then what is this all about? But here is the thing. I would hope two people can be mature enough to not kill eachother just because someone expresses feelings. Yeah. I said it. It happens a lot. It happened to Rick, we talked about it, and it's happened to me. I would also hope we could all be mature enough as well to put them back into friend categories. 

However, some dudes and lady dudes (though rare) are just psychos and don't belong in any category. I've seen that too. Again, if you recall the Hermione post, I just say it how it is. No hiding my feelings here.

Well, other than that. My portfolio is in. Now we wait. A girl from class and I saw the advisor and she said I'd know sometime this coming week. I'm so praying that it works out. I made my portfolio look the best I possibly could and am just trying to not worry about it. I love Provo. If you don't already know and I love BYU. I also Industrial Design. Google Industrial Design Portfolio on image search...or go to That happens to be my favorite website right now. I don't think anything else is happening. I play basketball last night. Still no luck on dunking, but I played pretty well and had a sweet sweet lay up, in which I got hacked pretty hard in mid air and still threw it up and in. I felt a little like Derrick Rose...or....Bill no no! Luke Longley haha or Tony Kukoc.

PS. I have some shoes that I order 9 days ago, still not here? Ta-heck is that about? 5-7 business days...psh...

PPS. What's everyone's facination with Josh Groban?

PPPS. I promise this will be the last boy and girl post thing. I need to post more honey bun that I took home from slid off my cup holder and got fuzzy. Car seat chair fuzz. 

PPPPS. Is it post post post post script? Or should it be the post script script script script?

Monday, July 25, 2011

Provo PDA Guide

Short post from a while back.

 Hey so guess what...PDA...Public displays of affection=not cool...I'm going to be bluntly honest.

I was visiting with some friends from back home, one a stud in the Air Force dating an amazing girl, the other a stud of life in general, who is married to a great girl.We were chatting it up and we got on the subject of PDA. Just because of awkward things we've had to go through in our day. Let me be frank. PDA is fetching annoying. From three guys whom, I feel, have a good handle on things, it is painfully awkward. Here is a list of things not ok to do in the presence of even one person.

Tickle fights.
The girlfriend voice. ( know what this is...if not check the youtubes for the SNL skit.)
Making out.
More girlfriend voice.
Pet names.
Loudness in general.
Mushy-ness in general. You know, generally gross private things.
Awkward fights...
Laying on one another...which is against the standards of the church anyway.

Let's be's just bad. How could two people have no sense of awareness...TWO...not just the's all about that. Like...listen...when no one is around I don't care what you whatever you want to do. oh man...recently it's just been too much. Here are possible things that are ok...

An arm around...
Hand holding...
Normal behavior...
Laughing at jokes...

All ok. Listen...I get that none of this stuff will keep you from getting into heaven, but I felt like this is something that needs to be brought to the forefront.

Drop out of school and run awaaayyyy...

Quit your job you've got a place to stay...pack your bags and hitch a ride. Bremerton is a good place to reside. - MxPx.

 I was in an MxPx mood these past couple of days.

When I meet a special girl, she always lives somewhere else in the world. I don't want to call to her on the phone, I want to talk to her when I'm at home. - MxPx

I haven't blogged in a while and that's because I feel like nothing is going on in my life. Really, if I had something I'd surely post it. Here's my day, usually. Get up...drink some wa-wa...hopefully it's cold. I hop on my...well...yeah...I guess bike. I named it Stu. So I hop on my bike and ride to work. Work...ahhh...I feel like I need to write an ode to my job (probably a separate post soon). The beautiful CSC. With it's rugged decor and cold rooms, what a place. It's weird, the people there are starting to feel like family...or... home away from home. I use to just be the guy that showed up for about 2 hours and then booked it every other afternoon. I'm pretty sure only two people knew my name and they weren't in authority at all. Sometimes I would skip a week or two just because of InDes. People thought I do I know that? Because they'd walk up and say...I thought you quit. I, now-a-days, am an advice guy, the dicer and also find myself working with a bunch of girls............Yeah. I do ok with that. Not that I'm complaining! I'd rather work with a bunch of girls than a bunch of guys. Something about power struggle and competition isn't appealing to me unless I'm on the basketball court.

Summer isn't/wasn't what I was expecting...girl wise... I could blog about girls some more, but what would that really do? I could blog about dates... I could blog about frustration. But meh...not interested in that. Needless to say, it could be better.

I wanted to pick up more hours. So I did, and for a while I enjoyed it. Now. Shoosh. Sometimes its all I can muster to get up and go. Basically, I just can't stand being isolated there. Like...hey man...go do broccoli. "Ohhh fetch" That's what's in my head. I walk over there and know for the next couple of hours I'm by myself. I don't fully know if it's a type of torture yet, but I'm sure there's something to it. Because when you are by yourself and everyone else around you is paired up and doing something and talking and are just like...well...I'm not loved. That's the feeling you get. That's no lie. Good thing I'm going to eventually work with a team in design. Shoot.

 I love lunch "breaks". It might be the only reason I go to work. It's nice to sit and socialize. We just laugh about anything. Yes. Usually it's the girls that make me laugh. Yeah...I know I know...I'm just as surprised as you are. Haha...kidding ladies...If they read this they'd know that I couldn't just let them win that easy. But it's true.

A simple aside for a moment. I just want to mention the amazing environment of BYU. Anywhere else in the world (Virginia) most girls have mouths. Bad ones. But these girls are some of the best I've ever met. They always talk about wholesome things. I think the dirtiest it's ever gotten was when they a) talked about birth b) talked about someones hips and c) sang a famous song about beans......which I believe was all in the same day...........heh irony...... It truly is the good life. And it's funny.

Part of the reason I haven't blogged is because I'm using most of the material I blog for the purposes of stand-up comedy. And usually I get most of my material from these lunch breaks. I mean...I usually get my material just from ranting about anything when I'm around people, but they usually are the only people I'm around, with the exception of FHE and Church. Maybe it's just me...but it feels like when I talk sometimes its like everyone expects something funny to come out. I hope thats not what it's like when I get into Humor U. Because dang fetch that'd get annoying on-a-counta I'm just a boy, con flab it! (haha thanks Hey Arnold).

And! I'm really white! What the flip is that about? I'm going to lay in the sun all week. Forget that.I'm an italian man. 50% methinks. And my skin can bronze, baby girl. So yEEEaaah.

If you have a brain and use it to, you got to know I have a crush on you. - More MxPx.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

I wanna be the guy.

Turns out there is a video game that was made by a guy called I Wanna Be The Guy. This video game takes the hardest parts from some of the most classic games and compiles them into one game, this way, you, could be the guy. You could be the guy that won the game, saved the the princess...beat dracula, saved the world, beat up Robotnic...and Knuckles, probably beat Streets of Rage (Mr.X the jig is up!) and beat Battletoads (NOT the full game just the end boss).......(WHICH I have beat it for's honestly the hardest game of all time. It took an eternity to beat...just play it'll see. It's like I dunno, you have to be perfect in like three or four different parts. Eventually, yeah, I was perfect at it. That's not even bragging. Eventually, you play something enough that you memorize the pattern. It's as easy *or hard* as took...a long time...It makes me realize, in an infinitesimally small way, what eternity is going to be like, so I appreciate it more. And that's something.....right?)...I digress...

It's an interesting thought. I want to be the guy. Who doesn't want to be the guy? Who doesn't want the story book ending? Who doesn't want to be the guy that saves the day? Who basically gets what he wants?'s so are the guy that is there at the perfect moment everytime.

I have thought about this phrase a little bit, if you can't tell. It's intriguing to me and I love the thought of it, it's pretty inspiring.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Dating tips? Oh do I get roped into these things?

Here it goes. To start. I have to release something that I feel like is a no brainer. You CAN wear TOO MUCH cologne/perfume. The other week at work I walked by this girl. I didn't know her, but I did know that she smelled like a fruitful bough. It's not just girls. Guys are sometimes even worse. Fragances are cool I guess...but...stop it. When you smell it in the atmosphere...nay...when you are pretty sure you have taken a shower and washed it off and you go into your room and it still smells like it you have reached the breaking point man.

Guys. Don't wear Brut. That's spicy and gross. They've been mixing that stuff well before we were born, meaning, it's probably not for our generation.

Next. On to dating. So I taught about eternal marraige in Elder's quorom and it seemed like the common consensus was that I write some dating tips. Well...I'm not very good. But here you go friends. I sometimes wonder if there are parts of my life that people shouldn't know. Ok...good golly gosh...Listen I'm only going to say these things once, most of these come from my own experiences. Eh hem...throat cleared. I feel like Alfred Hitchens, but honestly, I want the guys who aren't the hot sporty jocky lamo's to get the good girls. stake President said he heard some stuff about the Friend Zone........"oh he's just my friend...or a good friend....or a best friend...."....Well what more do you want? What are you looking for??? That's what he said. Me and my roommates were talking know...a lot of girls have those guys...but just turn a blind eye to them....oh well...


6/23/2011) Before this starts I would like to add a little disclaimer. People, not gender specific, I've learned something. Just follow what you feel. Take ownership. Because most of the times, that's what's exactly needed in the moment. Don't let fear counsel you, let faith counsel you. Never assume things about any situation (Othello). We are always proned to think, one bad thing ends it all. Ladies, please be patient with us guys. We are slow, scared and probably a little nervous. A good guy will beat himself up trying to be better for you. I say that with a smile on my face.


One. Awkwardness needs to cease between guys and girls. In order to do that there needs to be change. The worst ideas I've ever heard involve guys going up to a girl's door randomly and asking a girl out. That's just dumb. I've done was awkward. Plain and simple. A.) You are showing up to a girl's door unannounced. I cool is that??? How bold? How daring? How masculine? Wrong friends. From what I have been able to gather girl's dont like being caught off guard. I need to be  way suave to pull that off and chances aren't. The moral of this first tip is...asking a girl on a first date needs to come out of a already working conversation. Work on it fellas.

One W. This one is for girls. Guys...most guys...have a hard time picking up on hints. So one...either let him know you aren't interested or help him realize you are. I feel like girls are to blame just as much as guys. Don't be lame girls. How else will they know if date 2, 3, 4, 5.....etc is suppose to happen?
Two. This one is for guys and girls. A guy asking a girl out...does not mean marriage. I will slap Provo in the face. I've seen some of this...and you know what? Yuck. Guys don't creep and girls don't trip. All this junk in happy valley is probably why the Prophet has to come out and say things. My bishop says...2,3,4,5,6 dates even more if necessary. Shoosh.

Three. If you are confused communicate with the girl. I say girl...because it's usually the guy that is lost. However, girls never be afraid to come to guy and bring things up.

Four. Take girls to meaningful places and do meaningful things. That's what President Monson says and really, that's good advice all around. Dates should be planned out, paid for and paired off. There are plenty of things to do in Provo...guys we have a secret weapon online. I don't want a tremendous amount of girl's knowing about it so I'm not posting it...maybe I will later...

Five. I'm not sure about this one yet...but always...always ask for a second date. This is only not right when you are absolutely sure you don't want another date. Which does happen. But for the most part I've always went on two dates. Going past that is the step, because then there is somewhat of something happening. I feel like when you get into month's is when you know something.

Six. This one is a Jake and Mateo moment. There is a point in which you have been dating too long for something not to come from it. There is also a point at which if you are a couple and nothing has happened that something is up. I feel both of these is relatively the same thing, but if you have been dating a girl for a year or so and marriage hasn't been a topic...something is amiss.

Seven. Movies are bad dates. Well...bad first dates...and I count first and second date as first dates...sometimes even third. Oh and they are still bad dates. haha...unless you do something cool before the movie.

Eight. Mini Golf is cliche. Dunno what cliche means? Look it up. Also...bad date. Be more creative. If you find the gem online you'll be a lot better of a dater. For instance...Mini Golf on campus with a cup.

Nine. Interactive dates are the best. Things that are unique are the best. Themed dates are hilarious.

Ten. I feel like the best dates are the ones where it doesn't feel like a date, but two friends doing things together.

Eleven...along the same lines...formality gets awkward...and fast. This really should be like...rule 2 or 3, in all honesty. Formality meaning like...dates only on Friday. Talking only on date night. Weirdness like that. Again...if it were me you would already be hanging out with the girl before you date her. Sometimes that isn't possible, but go for it anyway.

Twelve. Don't talk about video games with girls. No brainer? You'd think...

Thirteen. Listen to her. Usually she comes up with better things to talk about. : ) ... "of a truth" haha Acts reference!

Fourteen. (6/13/2011) Show some dang confidence. You are a man for crying out loud. She is a human girl. She thinks, she breathes, she walks, she reacts. Key in on the last one. Guys, I know it's hard. Sometimes, when I'm with a girl, I don't want to screw up. However, a good girl doesn't make things hard on you. Hopefully, she understands you are trying. Sometimes, girls are just as nervous too. Sometimes guys are just intimidated by good looks in general. It happens ladies. Be encouraging of eachother, that ensures a good time. But still need to be confident...almost to point of arrogant without the pride? So confident...but confident enough that you know that no matter what happens during the date you are going to smash it with your incredible braun.

Fifteen. (6/17/2011) It's probably the best of ideas to look in you're own backyard for possibilities.

Sixteen. (6/17/2011) Guys only. Don't be dumb. Don't show off. Don't be a know it all. The best first impression would come from a date that is nice planned out and not super long.

Seventeen. (6/17/2011) Ok. This should be up in the top 5...but I don't feel like re-numbering things. Don't ask girls out on it doesn't matter...Just don't ask any girl out in any electronic form. That's just s-t-u-p-i-d. If I have to tell you this...and its literally something you don't know... I'll fight you...that's no lie. Let me refer you to the end of season 3 of the Office...when Jim asks Pam out for the first time. Sure, tv always works out...but you can do that. (6/23/2011) also season 5 episode 3 when Michael asks Holly out. Um. That was pretty studly.

Appendix. Mostly for Provo guys.
1. Girls, guys never know when to kiss you or even come near you. Some are cocky go getters like that, but most BYU guys are RM's who respect you.'s a two way street, but help a brotha out. Chances are the guy always wants true.

2. (6/13/2011) Guys get jealous super easily watch yourself, watch your words and your deeds. I mean they get real jealous. Nothing is worse than having a guy who feels like he's getting snubbed. Hopefully, boys, you'll realize that you are better than that and shouldn't deal with crap. Let me give you one example. want to go (insert activity...for our purposes let's say hiking...and or running...simple right?) She says she'll go with you...doesn't wait...goes with another guy (and/or makes up a story that she has something else happening to get out of it.). ___BEWARE___ Eminent girl crap, fiendish. Girls might think no harm no foul....Most guys when an agreement like that has been reached, expect it to be fulfilled, it becomes his activity with you...Significance is attached to it...Childish? Maybe so. Avoidable? Abso-fricking-lutely. Girl's if you are sending a message...send a message...your their ears. That's how it should roll. Haha remember this is friendly advice. Could help avoid situations...who wouldn't like an easier life?

3. Like...I wish games could just be put to an end. Oh... you are flirting with another person to get someone you like to like you more? hahaha Oh good plan...See how it sounds crazy when it's typed out like that?


(7/13/2011) So whats the point of all this, really? Might I call your attention to Hey Arnold Season 5 Episode's called Ernie Falls In Love... Tell me tell me after that that you don't get it... That's that's that is the reason.

Boom. If all else Then go to her.


Remeber, you miss 100% of the shots you don't take. (Gotta try.)
Fall down 99 times and get up 100 - D Wade or Allen Iverson

Good luck fellas...and some stuff too. haha

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Hermione at BYU. The perfect post.

So this would be amazing, it's a dream, but I've been speaking in a british accent all night thinking how amazing it would it's going be typed up. Let me take you away to a place...

I finally watched all the Harry Potter's. Back a while ago, I couldn't give a darn about them, but I watched them and loved them, well they were alright I guess..... So my friend sends me a link for the trailer of the last movie and I'm thinking...sweet. It was on imdb. So I'm looking at some of the things for the movies. Finally, I start checking out the actors...and actresses.

So yeah...I check out Emma Watson. Probably my favorite thing in the movies is the love triangle between her, Ron, and Harry (not so much Harry). So I read the little bio on her, who knows how acurate those things are, even though I trust most of it. I'm reading some things, she seems lively. She knows french... Tight. Como estas? Went to a bunch of schools in England. She couldn't have earrings til she was 15...which says something good about her upbringing. She's from France, lived in England...I knew someone who lived in England. She likes the arts...who doesn't? I'm a design know...yadda I get to the bottom of her current events and read that she's in the process of switching schools, which came down from her publicist or here it goes.

Emma Watson come to BYU. It's a first rate education and I think you'd be treated like a real person. Which, if I know fame correctly.... ahem...Jimmer, is exactly why you leaving your current school...or things of that sort. Listen, you can't find a school with better morals and still having just as much fun, if not even more. No lie miss Watson. And it's darn cheap...that probably isn't your biggest concern, but it is challenging and our School of Art is renowned. BYU graduates are everywhere and sometimes are the leads, in fashion, design, sports, broadway, business, and medicine, you name ite.

Now, I know what you are thinking...whatever would just want to date me. To which I say, maybe...and probably...but us RM's (return missionaries for the LDS church, ever heard of them? BYU is filled with them) are different, just ask around...haha we actually want a good wife and good family, because family and having a family is the ultimate joy in life... That's just how we are. So there, I'm a for sure brotha. You would be treated with the utmost respect, but I would have to see your in your element, I couldn't just commit myself. If you are stuck up, you're done...easy as that. BUT. Come play kick ball at FHE...and its ok if you aren't good at it. I'll have to take you to the Creamery. You gotta try Graham Canyon! It's ice cream and it's delish. Yeah...on our dates I'd have to speak in a british accent...Like...come on, obviously, don't be daft. You'd have to come to our ward. Our Bishop is pretty amazing. Everything is great. I'm not going to lie...but how sick would it be to have Hermione Granger chilling in our apartment, in little ol' Provo? But trust me, you'd come here and laugh, it'd be amazing. Mormon humor is unlike anything, its hilarious. Just a bunch of sober people just trying to have laughs. You might think you know fun...but I'm telling you. Just come here. You'd be treated like a queen...

I'm here to tell you that I'm not impressed by the money, the fame, any of that, because Emma, you are a woman...... and an individual and in God's eyes those things "perish with thee". Sure, definitely, of course, I feel like I would have been comforted when you put your head on Harry's shoulder after he found his parents tombstone. That would've put all my troubles at ease. It was dag-gum cute. One of my favorite quotes is, "The pure hearted love from a pure hearted girl is one of the most inspirational things in life." I believe it whole heartedly, especially after watching your struggles and triumphs in the movies. It was inspiring. I wanted to be a better guy.

So there you have it. BYU. It would be worth it. I garuantee it, nay, absolutely garuantee it. It would definitely be worth a tour. I feel like we have some of the best and brightest people in the world here...all good kids looking to do good and be their very best, you'd fit right  in.

By the way, in case you weren't told are gorgeous.  :)

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

"For goodness sake...soft hands..."

Ok this is just a short post that I feel needs to be posted..I've been working on a real post. It's a rant, which happens with me and my roommates from time to time. So we are driving home from our luncheon, after running some errands, and for some reason we get on the subject of soft hands. Maybe from the Mighty Ducks, the subject's beginning is lost to me. Maybe Stu's hand touched my hand....who knows... So I was like ok. Let's think this through. <<<Rant begins>>>

One ex ex, so not my recent ex but my ex a while ago. We are chilling and I go to grab her hand. All the while I'm thinking, this is going to be great. I'm going to grab her hand and it's going to be feathery soft. Much to my surprise, it was like...rough... I don't know what you all ladies do that makes your hand feel like egyptian cotton, but keep it on. I was startled. I was like, "what do you do, bail hay? bare handed? Wash your hands with steel wool?" It was like reaching my hand into the fiery depths. It was like holding a desert copperhead snake.

Now...there are some distinct things that girls need to have constant. Girl's hands are expected to be heavenly... I hope I'm not asking much. I'm just saying it was a little scarey. And it was only this one girl. Everyother girl's hand that I've felt was fine. So this is probably not a finger pointing thing. 99% of girls, I feel, got it. But for those of you who don' be freaking us guys out, get that checked out.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Mother's Day Post = Church Talk Snippets...Run and Tell That.

Well...yet again I'm called to speak on either Mother's Day or Father's Day. This has been a constant in my life since the mission. Three years straight! Not that I'm complaining...... a lot.....haha <---- Joke--- For those of you who need joke clarification haha  <----Joke too----. But its getting pretty crazy. How much can you really say about the subject? Well turns out there is plenty. So here it is! Well some of it. It's all based off the talk by Jefferey R. Holland entitled, Place No More for the Enemy of My Soul.

You remember the talk.... He started by talking about three women who approached him in an airport, who all had failed marriages due to infidelity.

I feel, first, to say the same thing Elder Holland said when he quoted Jacob. “It grieveth me that I must use so much boldness of speech … before … many … whose feelings are exceedingly tender and chaste and delicate.” 1 But bold we need to be. It is challenging for me to talk about these things, not just pornagraphy which ruined these marriages, but things I see amongst us single-folk as well.

I'll spend a minute on pornagraphy. It is nothing. It will grab you, and destroy you. It yields no fruit, no progress, nothing of any value and if you really want, it can leave you single and miserable for all time. Because I garuantee no person, male or female, headed toward the celestial kingdom will wait for someone bound by this sin, who cannot let go.

The thing is is I don't want to necessarily address pornagraphy and its vices. But there are some things I do want to address that are more common around us (BYU kids). And then I'll talk about some better things.
Particularly this is even harder for me to talk about on Mother's day.

Fidelity is huge. The best way to prepare ourselves for a lasting marriage…is being comfortable with being alone. If we, by ourselves, are ok, we are keeping the commandments, being productive, doing missionary work, then really we are preparing to be the spouse we want to be. We cannot expect that someone will come in and change us and fill the gaps. We can’t expect that at all. Besides, fidelity in a marriage is what you do when your husband or wife is not around as well as when they are around. I would also like to echo the words of Lynn Robbins at stake conference, when he said, “If a person cheats on you in anyway, before or after being married, how can you ever trust it won’t happen again.” He especially hinted toward before being married, since that is the stage we are at in life.

 It’s the fact of becoming as the Lord is. Joseph Smith said, “If He walks a straight path, you have to walk a straight path. If He endures all pain, you have to endure all pain.”

To put it bluntly, I want to share with you something I hold dear to my heart. When I was first called to be a district leader I got to meet Elder Mervn B. Arnold of the Seventy. After spending some time with him and seeing some of the things he did, we found out in a very real way that he is called of God. His voice still echoes in my ears. I don't know what its like to live with a army general but I can imagine it would be pretty much like the hour or so me and some other district leaders and zone leaders got at 7am on the day of zone conference. I got there thirty minutes early. Went into the high council and sat there silently. When he walked into the room there was silence. 15 til 7 he shut the doors and didn't let many in after that. We began with prayer. When it was over, he stood up and in a way I'll never forget started talking about the women in the church and the women in our lives and who would eventually be in our lives. He was loud, firm, and pounded the table in front of him. I'll never forget what he said, he looked up, didn't look at any one of us, his face sort of quivered and got teary eyed, and with his most raised voice of the day said, "ELDER'S IF YOU DON'T LIKE A GIRL, YOU DON'T TOUCH HER!" He hit that table so hard, I was scared to death. I knew that he meant though, you don't touch them, not in any way, big or small. He coupled that with some other admonitions, some other really amazing stories and we closed.

Part of the design world is when you design something, there is clear message about your product and its purpose. I mean what if you had a hair dryer that looked like a refrigerator? Or better yet...and more practically speaking a door handle where you don't know whether to push or pull? I hate that. Then apply that to something that really matters...relationships and tender feelings...and then, whoaaa, playing with some serious things.  Fidelity is that idea. 

Which brings me to my next point. I play basketball. My favorite hoops movie is White Man Can't Jump. Something about the 90's and basketball just seems so much better than basketball now. Basketball was fresh then and just becoming what it is today. Ok. So there is a good quote at the end...The white guy is like..."Listen I got a good jumper." His black friend was like, "You can say you have a lot of things when you you can't put a cat in the oven and call it a biscuit." We can't keep saying we have something when we don't.

That's the point of this talk is how we should treat eachother. The Spirit of Mother's Day is honouring women. Especially those who have given themselves to loving and nuturing us growing up.

It was actually my Dad that taught me how to honour women. I shared this story last year, but however this is a new whatever. If you know me well...I like to be different...I like to think outside the box. Do new the fresh Prince? no? OK...sometimes I think I'm th fresh Prince... Don't hate. SO. My first valentine's day home we are fixing up what my Dad calls "Border Bowls"...I dunno its like...fajita chicken resting on a bed of chips, with all the fix'ns... he says its something from Taco Bell...I dunno...its delicious though. So he's chopping things and he's like, "Jake I haven't got flowers yet. Here is some money go buy Mom something nice." So what goes through my mind? Oh here's my chance...let's be creative! I like to think that's a good thing I have going for me. I got to the store and get this chill like tulip thing with this nice glass vas. It was so nice super designy. So I bought it...I'm bringing it home...I've never seen my Dad so mad....he said,  "NO. You go and get a two dozen roses right now! Are you kidding me Jacob?" That's how I know my Dad is mad...I become Jacob and not Jake. So he hands me more money and kicks me out the door. Almost literally.

I learned something that day. Of course roses are the correct choice. The flower that shows love in the best way and shows the most respect. I've never felt more embarassed. My stupid yet edgey tulip there next to this barage of roses, sitting there majestically.

 That was a huge lesson for me. I feel like my Dad's generation is so much better than mine. My Father is the one I look to for stability, my Mother as well...but Dad's common sense way of seeing everything is the best. He always has the best way of saying things. Mom is just good at being the comfort...Dad will just say...Yea or Nay...and is almost always right. He'll just cut it...whether or not its what I want to hear. haha Love it.

But instead of talking about the bad...I want to talk about all that is good. Then we can shoot for that."It's better to shoot for the moon and hit the roof than shoot for the roof and hit the garbage can." One of my favorite mission quotes.

Well...that's that...the rest is quotes from my parents about their marriage...which are pretty funny. You have to be in Sacrament meeting to hear it. I feel like some who read my blog are too close to my parents and they don't need to hear this stuff...but BYU students...probably won't meet my parents they get some great things. Love it!  I was thinking about including a quote from my dear Mom...who deserves more than just one day of celebration...but nah. This should suffice...I might add more when I read this again. But...yep! Much love Mother's!!! <3

Saturday, April 9, 2011

the winter semester wrap up

It's 10:35 in the morning and feels like 3 in the why not blog? It's the first time in a long time that I've been able to sit back and relax and not have to do something. Sure I probably have some design work to do, or dishes, or taking out the trash, or cleaning in general...but I think there are just times when we need to step back. Especially after playng basketball at 7 in the morning (Which I'm loving.) It's been a great semester. It went by so fast that I have a hard time recalling what happened at the beginning of it. (Aside from we go again.)

It's been nothing short of a bumpy ride. There have been emotions and tempers flaring in my apartment and in my life in general. There have been ups that seem short and downs that seem like eternity. Also, let us not forget the Jimmer days, the days of James Taft, Fredette abou it. I've went to girl stardom with one of my posts. Shout out to the ladies who loved my "17000 girls post"...which is still quite popular...what up with that? But thats not the point of my posts. I just have an opinion.

I've also lost some friends...which...well, is nothing I've ever wanted, but what seems to be only course sometimes. I'm not the kind of guy that ever accepts that things have to be one way, with the scores of possibilites and factors in life. But...then again, usually things like that have to be mutually accepted to work. Somethings are willed by our God, though, and when accepted lead to better and more fruitful things. This has always been the case and is the case in these instances.

 With probably 2 A's and 2 B's coming in InDes all I can do is sit and wait. I can also sit and hope the spring/summer kids suck and drop out. I know that sounds mean, but I like it here and would like to get in and stay. It would be nice to know what InDes is like without all the pressure to out work everyone else. Right now I'm doing alright. This semester was scores better than last semester. I feel like I finished a lot higher than last semester and my professors have really warmed up to me. My work has definitely improved...if I knew how to put pictures on this thing I would certainly be doing that.

I've also had the added stress of Stats 121 and Geo 101. Enough said.

The future is unclear though. "I don't deserve anything", is a quote from one of my friends blogs. I know in my mind that if my pieces aren't better and I dont preform better, I don't get in. I'm not entitled to anything and certainly there aren't and participation awards. It's in or out. I don't think I've sealed my position in the InDes program in any way. I just have to watch, wait and pray. The Lord has helped me to this point. I've prayed over pretty much every piece.

I'm still looking for that special girl. When I seem to think I've found her, that's when I haven't found her. I definitely have my eyes open though...and there is some favoritism going on. haha.

I'm really excited for summer. One of my best friends, Chuckie, is getting married. I've been excited about weddings before, but this one is special. I love that kid. Never met a better example of someone who stays the course...guess that's why I nicknamed him Ol' Reliable. I might be headed out to Missouri again, I know that's make three return visits but thats ok. I'm also thinking about finishing and submitting my piece to the church art competition. It's a secret as to what it is though. If any of my ID friends read this they'll understand...but it'll be nice to do a piece that doesn't serve a purpose..that is simply trying to share a message through a medium...not be a bone or a perfectly constructed rock replica. Ugh...

"Guys if I ever work up enough courage I'm going to go up to her door, knock on it and say, 'Listen girl, me and you need to have a are so fine I just want to buy you things.'" -- me -- "Because I just don't have anyother way to express my feelings other than buying you flowers and telling you that you are most beautiful girl I've ever seen. You make all the other girls disappear. You make heaven tangible."

Hahaha...I love my apartment and the good times this semester. We practice our sweet talking hahaha...ooookkkk IIII practice my sweet talking and they just shake their heads...hahaha...but really the growth has been nothing short of amazing, we've learned a lot of life lessons together. I love them. Hand selected for this school year? No doubt in my mind.

One more...

"I don't know what you are doing right now but forget it and come with me." haha

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Babbbbaaaayyyyyy eeee aaayyyy I get chills when I'm with youuuuuu!

One of the best songs of all time by Sheriff. I love that song. Everytime I see a girl that I like...boom. In case you haven't noticed by now...I give a lot of thought into this girl business. Sure, InDes is fun, but whats the point? What point is there to anything I do to get ahead other than to support a family and perpetuate God's plan? I don't want to hang out with guys anymore. Or ever. Our apartment said that a long time ago...I don't want to see your butt on Friday. General Conference was amazing by the way. Why should anything else take priority? Sure school is fun, rewarding, you name it...but the joy comes in the home. Yeah, even sometimes I need to be hit in that head and reminded of that and thats why I was thinking in my mind...I'm glad conference is every 6 months. I feel like thats how long it takes to get off track, even if its only a smidge.

So the semester is almost over. There are a lot of things I want to write about. For priesthood lessons. I've also had occassion to give three spiritual thoughts at ward prayer. Each made me think a lot. I think I taught "Another level, another devil" at FHE. I learned that one in the hood of KC. I've also had a lot of girl moments....many of which leave me baffled. But whatever. I lou of General Conference I do have a response. A lot of guys don't date girls because some ( well....I mean a lot of) girls have a hard time communicating. That comes from multiple sources and yeah...that can be some of the worst rejection. Anyway, anyway, thats not what I'm talking about. But its true. And don't leave me any negative comments just listen. Sheesh...

I'm talking like guys make a lot of mistakes too. But right now...whats on my mind is something my roommate said. "Find someone that adores you and someone you adore and hang on." Heck yes. The problem is when you adore someone and yeah...not reciprocated. But this is it...True affection. We've been told to go on dates and this is true. I feel like thats fine. I'm talking here about how you know when you've locked something down. True affection. It's when the girl's faults disappear and it doesn't matter what they do because you know the real person. It's when the minor flaws and imperfections in her nature are trivial. When she adores you, and you adore her...and you can tell...I have my own little quote wall on my laptop full of inspirational reads...

"Tell a beautiful woman she's beautiful and what have you given her? It's a fact, costing you nothing. Tell an ugly woman she's beautiful and you offer the homage of corrupting beauty. Loving a woman for her virtues is meaningless. She earned it, it's payment, not a gift. Loving her for her vices is a real gift, unearned and undeserved, and that's a real tribute of love, because you sacrifice your conscience and reason."
That strikes me everytime, so powerful. Sometimes, when you find a girl you actually want, that gift is effortless. It's that kind of true affection that leads the guy to change and, in the words of Lenny Williams, "try to be a....betta man for you." Elder Holland said that true affection makes you giddy. Hence, baaaabbbbbbbaaaayyyy eeee aaaayyyy I get chills when I'm wth you. I mean dang, if you can't, with confidence, say that...shoot...I don't even know. Question if it has the legs to go the distance---Andy Bernard--- haha...If you can't, with confidence, say I love you. I don't even know. I could go on. I just love how Elder Holland put it in....probably last conference? Maybe. Either way...when you can look at a girl and say I trust you, you are my best friend, please be mine...thats it....thats the pinnacle. It makes me sad to see when a guy isn't around his girl...doesn't acknowledge her presence in the room. She shouldn't have to command your attention. You just get that feeling that you know... when she's gone and you feel like you are missing something...these are the feelings...

What else can I say...I feel like this is another preachy thing...but no one has to read it. I call it how it is. This is what I feel. Usually I'm right, spot on, when it comes to this guy thing.

That's that. Another piece to the guy riddle. The thing is is a guy knows when he finds that too. At least I think I do. It's only any good when it works out. Much love Pop Tarts viewers...I'll get off the girl thing soon. I just have a bone to pick right now.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Another piece to the puzzle...

I haven't writtn a blog in a while and thats because nothing has really inspired me. I probably should learn to write things as they come. Here is one thing about the Gospel, short and sweet.

I've been intrigued with a teaching of the Prophet Joseph Smith. Most, if not all, Christian congregations believe that God created everything from nothing, nothing existed except for God. Then in some way He created everything that now is out of nothing. What is interesting about that, however, if He did that, He created the very conditions that required the sacrifice and horrible suffering of His only Son. If He is all power why whould He do such a thing? Most, if not all, Christian sects will, at this point, say...

"It's a mystery."

The Prophet taught, because he was taught from on high, that element is eternal, the elements that make us up are eternal, also law is eternal and that there cannot be any creation* to it. This accepted, then Christ was really responding voluntarily to pre-existing conditions that needed to be met. I stress that because God grants us all agency, our own ability to choose. Even Christ had agency to do what He did. He decided to enact His Father's plan, the plan for our salvation. There is then a deeper understanding of the Atonement of Jesus Christ, that He "offered Himself a ransom for many". It becomes more powerful and there is a deeper sense of Christ's love for us and for His Father. What strain must have been on the Savior, the necessity for perfection and exact** obedience. But He was not forced, He said in effect, "Here am I send me."

I love the Lord.

I've been astounded recently with the truth that radiates from that piece of revelation given to Joseph Smith. It's amazing.

*There is only organization of existing materials to create, which is a form of creation and creativity. Law stands on its own and has existed forever.
**I also like to think of exacting obedience. Because that level of obedience had to be extremely difficult, to say the least. Some of what He did, however, probably didn't seem hard to Him, but all of it seems hard to me and would exact a lot of effot from me.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Playa's gonna play. Lover's gonna love.

Ok...more things that everyone should know. I didn't use to like BYU, at all really. I never wanted to end up in Utah, then I went on a mission. I came home and decided I needed a life. I also decided I needed a good place to go, with a real program. It's cheap and prestigious and, of course, full of hunnies. I was still skeptical, but I learned the program I got into was nationally admired so I thought well, what the heck. I came, at first afraid, afraid that I had made a bad choice and even more afraid that I was now stuck with it regardless. Now, I don't even want to go home! (Even though last week I was getting home sick.) It's just a contageous place.

I do feel like my welcome has kinda run out. Well, not my welcome, maybe just the intrigue of being the new guy. Everyone was just like, "who is the new kid?" It was probably one of the coolest feelings ever. I feel like that's gone now, after a series of bad decisions in a row. I say things like they are more intense than they really are. They seem bad at the time then reality hits. I'm not talking about it because I don't want to break the rules of my last blog. Girls are at the root of every guy problem. My problem is that I shuffle my feet. Ya snooze ya lose I guess, but I don't like that boundary.

Point is, is now I'm not the new kid anymore and impressions have already been made before people even got to know me. Lame...but what do I do? When I first got here I met some people that, yeah, I wanted to get to know better, but girl struggles came in and the oppurtunities were lost. Dumb distractions. Lesson learned I guess. That new kid feeling is just something you don't get back. When the first impression is made it's hard to change it, unless you are actually drastically different than the persona that a person has created for you in their own mind. It kinda sucks. Maybe that's just why people ward hop here and move all the time.

My bishop was saying that people don't really even start seeing the real you until after about three months. Isn't that the dang truth...but I guess then he was talking about dating...and seeing a person frequently enough. That could even be extended longer when you aren't around a person enough.

Am I talking about something controversial?...I feel like that could be the case. Well...I saved this as a draft because I didn't want to be all somber. Meh, but that's life. Besides I actually want to document whats going on in my liz-ife.

Yeah...that's right...sometimes I think in ebonics. Don't hate.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

"Seventeen thousand girls and a brotha can't get a-one of them!"

Is a quote that I said one day to my friend Kyle in girl frustration.

I don't write about girls. I'll tell you why. All ten people who have viewed my posts...and a special shout out to my three followers...It just seems to me that when I write about a girl, or "girls" as a general theme, but mostly when I single one out, I look back and feel stupid. I think, "Psh. Why did I write this?" Most of that stuff I don't really like to remember and reminds me of childish things.

I have broken my own rule, though, more than once. Even recently. But that is in my journal, no one sees it. Ok. Ok. But seriously, first on the list. Provo needs to get a room, just saying. Don't make out in Best Buy. Literally (ok that's Orem but close enough)....nuff said. So I figure that the people want me to talk about it and so I'll give the people what they want. I just feel that a person should be with someone who has similar interests. That's my only thing. When I was younger I probably only picked girls who were, well, aesthetically interesting. Probably not my best plan. My point is, I try not to set rules anymore because that makes things complicated. Just go with the flow, become friends and, as cliche as it sounds, follow my heart. However, I don't feel like I'm just saying that anymore. It's a more refined feeling.

So that's probably all I'll give on the lady-folk. Specifics just don't work and drama just isn't cool. OH! I always want to say this, the girl that marries me gets to go to Hawaii!!! (As if that's any incentive.) Yeah, I served with a missionary from the islands and he said he'd hook me up. I don't even know if I want to go. Maybe someday. Romantic times to me don't have to be so crazy. They can be simple. Romantic things to me are like watching sunsets and being inside when its snowing and just wrapping up in a blanket, together. Heck yeah. Don't get me wrong, I don't just watch snow fall and let it go to waste. But ya'll know what I mean. OH! One last thing on things of romance. I might be a redneck at heart, but I really want to get an old ford truck with a bench seat in the cab. Following me? Well, I was coming home from a church thing one summer evening and the sun was setting and I'm behind this truck, probably made in the early 90's. Anyway, his girl was right next to him, he had his arm around her and was just cruising like a king. Bravo. That'd be sick.

That's legit to me. That's how you treat a girl. She becomes queen of your world. Well, something to that sort. That's probably all you'll get from me on the subject. I just like to be creative, I feel like that's how us guys should show we care. Maybe I'm wrong, but when I heard this guy in Wal-Mart on Valentines Day say, "Dang! Where are the dang three dollar cards, these all cost six!" I just...well one, wanted to snap, two, I wanted to say, "you are in dang Wal-mart, fool", and three, I wanted to say, "dude, your wife is dang worth every penny."

That's what inspires me. So all this is just one big rant, but what I really wanted to say was, I have a break from inDes til Tuesday and thank goodness. Maybe, I'll blog again before that, but this should suffice. Good golly gosh, got me all worked up. Hey look! Alliteration!

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Does that blow your mind? Because it blows mine.

So it goes a little something like this. Check baby, check baby, one, two, three. BYU is amazing, simply amazing. I love my InDes classes more than almost anything. I love my roommates more than that, if it were possible. Lance makes it possible.

I've learned more about design than I ever had in my life. The most significant thing I've learned is something my creativity professor said. "The best way to have a great idea is to have a lot of good ideas." That clicked over the break, big time. A lot of design is just cranking out ideas, bad or good. Exploration is the key to innovation. Most of the time the first design idea isn't the best. But it's the essence of those ideas that lead to the great ideas. Basically it's the process of ideation and iteration. We are currently building 16" cardboard stools. A lot, if not all, of the first ideas we had got thrown out.  Whether it was a structural or story problem, they got the boot. When the first boost of inspiration comes, immediately we want latch on to that idea and hold it. It's hard to let go of initial ideas, but that stops fluency, which is the difference between designers and engineers. It's all about attacking a problem from as many angles as possible. I use to throw out ideas all the time when I was studying design in Virginia, now I ask everyone. It's made all the difference.

I don't really know what my nexts posts are going to be like...basically because I'm new at this, however, as soon as something funny happens, I'm pretty sure I'm going to "web-log" it. Because that's what blog stands for right?...Probably not...

Thursday, February 17, 2011

The Beginning...

Welp. I started my blog. This is mainly because I have, like, a million friends doing it and I like it a lot. I don't exactly know what I'll use it for, but probably just random babblings and happenings that I feel like I want my family (friends included) to know about. Basically, I'm just saying that no one wants a three page facebook status about my life so come here! Besides, that would just be annoying.