Thursday, November 10, 2011


Listen. Liquid marshmellow is neither solid nor liquid. Therefore it is a soquid. It's pretty much a fact.

If you turn your shirt inside out and wear it...does the back become the front?

I think so.

I wish my roommates were here to bounce ideas off of. Usually I come up with some really good stuff. So. Here I am, mid to late semeseter. What have I learned?

Of course, I always tell it how it is so I'm just going to say it. I understand that guys have to give some effort to catch girls, but some things are just out of control. I've invented a word for it.

Background: So I have a phrase that I got from the "Fails of the week" people. (If you want to know who they are talk to me.) The phrase is "Broing out".

Broing Out - (v.) when two males are seen together talking about or gesturing manly things and just being overall manly for manlinesses sake

Bro Date - (n.) Broing out on the town.

Stupid - (adj.) See above. (It could also be written Stupid - synonym - Bro Date. As well, Sad = Bro Date)

That's wildly off topic, but we are working up to things.

Wing Man - a guy who helps another guy attain to a conversational with a female(s); a male who assists another male in looking way cool when in conversational with a female(s); male A who goes with male B on a group date and A assists B in establishing foundationals with said female(s).

Wing man/men are way good for stuff. I don't know what stuff just you know...any type' stuff.

Ok. New word...and therefore new definition.

Tooling Out (v.) - Recreational activities that involve guys doing lame things just to talk to girl(s), nearly stalking them.

I see this everywhere. I don't know. I'm okay with it. I find it rather odd and off-put doing things that are border line stalking just to talk to a girl. I mean...stalking is weird right? Maybe and maybe we say in InDes any concept is ok if you do it right. So go big or go home. Sometimes. Refer to the dating tips, the disclaimer. Feeeeel it out. Haha oh boy............well.... I feel like this is an awkward point in this blog so.......

TOPIC SWITCH...I do this in my blogs a lot. Maybe one day I will write a blog about how I write blogs. Saying this could exist on a continum. A blog about how I write blogs about how I write blogs, which is a blog in which I analyze my analyzing of my blog writing. Score!

Apartment Random Definitions -

Mud-Blooding It - haha it's when you mess something up or play terrible basketball.

Take it light - My personal favorite. It's like saying take it easy, but obviously cooler obviously (Scott Pilgrim reference).

So that's that's that. Really though, these phrases are mostly used for comic releif <---i before e mispelling. Like, we say new and crazy stuff all the time. It's part of our apartments goal to be masters of the metaphor. Also, we feel it to be a great skill to be able to dictate our feelings at any given time, but not only that, we want to be able to say it in three different ways. You know, tell you it thrice times hence. Perhaps, even articulate our vernacular in the third variability.

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  1. Jake, I love your random creativity. Thanks for posting and sharing. :)