Tuesday, December 11, 2012

End of the semester/year wrap-up

If you aren't familiar with my blog, well...here it is.

hahaha couldn't help it...that's super corny. At the end of the year I normally do an end of year wrap up. I just try to capture maybe what I've learned or things that happened. But here it goes...

I can't remember what I was going to write about. Oops.

The semester is long since over. All over. Just flat over. It's come and gone. Summer is gone. It's dern cold out. This time last year I had someone to share it all with. This year I have multiple someones. Which is great.

I can honestly say that there are plenty of girls in my life I'd feel happy about dating. I'd move, but at the moment I just don't want rejection. And not that that is exactly what will happen, but...well maybe that is what will happen. Lance and myself have been talking about flirting, we haven't been doing any for a while. Oops. Got to change that.

I've been interning. That has been great. I will have furniture on the market soon. And also, I've been hired. So I'm kinda the lead designer. Yay. It's really fun. I'm always learning under the hand of my boss. He's super cool.

School went well. I came I designed, I conquered. I took marriage prep. I made a piece of furniture and went on 4 dates...an all time low for me. Seventeen credit hours took its toll. I didn't even think about all that. This coming semester I'll be back in the action though.

GOALS for Christmas Break :
1. Hug Mom.
2. Spend time in the scriptures. Basically, I need to jump back in. I read them, but I haven't had much of a chance to really get deep into them. Probably my fault.
3. Have a blast with Dad just running around and shopping and stuff.
4. Make Ron a steak and teach him the ways of the great searers of past times.
5. Make more Sushi with Ronald. I have so many wraps it's dumb.
6. Make my portfolio really good so I can try to intern at puma or nike.
7. Play lots of basketball.
8. I almost forgot, but we need an apartment Christmas card. We do one every year. It's tradition. They keep getting bigger and better every year too.

GOALS for next year:
I need a wife. Basically, I'm tired of living with dudes. I hate it. I have finally reached the point of hate. Just the point of blind hate. Maybe not that bad. I deal. I've just  never met so many dudes that just don't care about community space vs. private space. Like, I don't care what you do to your room, but the living room, that's used by everyone. Take care of it. That's been my philosophy. I have just dealt with it too much. It's over.

Now I'm not going to get all desperate and weird...and creepy. If a girlie comes she comes. Rather, if a girl accepts me for me. haha Then great. I'm sure I'll ask plenty of girls out, but will they say..."hey this guy is cool, dispite his thug attitude"... or ..."Um........no." As if perfection exists. I'm trying to be a guy of guys for girls. I'm really trying. In earlier blogs you'd hear a know it all kid that thought he had it all down. Now I'm just trying to hang on to something. Also...Marriage Resume...haha that was brilliant! I thought, anyway. It makes me laugh.

So that's a goal...above all maybe the only one I care about. It's also a fun goal. Like...some goals are about getting ahead in money and wot not...but this one is fun. It's like "oh get to know  a girl real well"... Yes please. These BYU girls just got me on lock down. They're like kryptonite. I'm not superman........So it's like.....I'm just a regular man and girls are like cinnamon toast crunch.....they lose...their crunch and flavor in milk...........?.....no....girls are like....a prime cut of top sirloin they are better rare..........shoot. They are like...a hot fire...you feel warm when you are near them....I guess that's just true of anything...sharing heat and stuff. I'm just struggling to find it...but life is better with a good girl. :) like what if the world didn't have butter? or chocolate oranges? or tiny cutie oranges? or NBA Jam Tournament Edition? Shoot.

I'm just rambling. Love from this boy, merry Christmas! Byeeee!