Sunday, August 19, 2012

I do not get girls.


This blog is dedicated to me and my roomies, and a couple non-roomies and our situations that we hit all at once. Viewer discretion is advised.

The title works on two levels. I don't understand and obtain girls. At least haven't since being in Utah. What's the deal?

I just do not get it. Why do girls have a hard time dating guys? Maybe that's not it. Why do girls have a problem letting guys go hard? Wait. That's not it either (but probably should be). They don't have a hard time dropping guys they think aren't cool at all and don't want to spend time with. But maybe they want to keep the ones that maybe in some time distant or not so distant, but if things don't work out with other guys...yadda yadda...that they would want around...... I would submit more possible solutions, but time restricts me. It's a tangled web.

I would address this phrase. ----"I care about you."----

What the heck does that even mean? Like. Alright. You don't want to date me so.....'d spit on me if I was on fire? I think that's pretty special. Or is it like..."but I still want to be friends"... its like saying..."no offense but..." and then you say whatever you feel like saying. "I care about you..." - come off it. That helps no man. I've also heard..."...but you are still my best friend"......are you kidding me? I heard in a stake conference once, "You aren't dating, but you are best friends? Well, I want to marry my best friend and did. Wouldn't you want to marry your best friend?"

Also, when you decide not to date a guy/your friend/guy you CANNOT try to hook that person up with other girls. Nothing annoys us more. Sorry, you forfeit all such privileges. For example you can't say, "Oh, look at (her/insert name) you should date her, she's sute." .... haha .... bite me, is what's going through our minds.

I feel like both guys and girls suffer from "the-guy/girl-around-the-corner" syndrome. Where they don't date a guy because that person might not be exactly what he/she/butmorethanlikelyshe expected...and...there is probably another guy that will just drop out of the sky and be everything. Well that's smart.

Surely, the answer couldn't be, enjoy the guy you already have who wants to be faithful to you.

Oh boy..."I care about you and want the best for you"...I've heard that so many times. Grow some courage and say what you really want to say and don't book-end it with a hollow feeling. "I care about you"...obviously not enough or you'd be dating me. You care enough to say find someone else. And it's like you expect that to be a happy thought for us. That's not the case. Talking to guys I know, that is the worst phrase. I'm speaking from my own experience when I say, I'd rather the girl just disappear.

Harsh, but...when you build something up and then it comes crumbling down with one swift stroke of the tongue. It's over. Vanish. It's hard to be reminded of the beautiful carpet you feel you knit together, getting pulled out from under you.

Guy/girl around the corner. Who needs them? I've heard this from one of my religion professors, "Be careful how many opportunities you let go or slip by."

There were sister missionaries in my mission once that were running out of gas on a Sunday. They didn't want to break the Sabbath and were about to be late to an important appointment so they put water in the gas tank and prayed for it to turn into gas. You know what happened? It happened and they made it to the appointment.

Or their car just died hard.

This might sound angry. But guess what? My blog, my rules. Oh blogs coming down the pipe.