Wednesday, July 18, 2012

So you're coming to Provo for a girl....Hi. My name is Jake, and in this instructional blog...

I'll tell you the ins and outs as to why that's dumb and try to keep you here for the right reasons.

Did you get into BYU? If yes, happy day! Enjoy school and campus life and take as many classes as possible. This is a world class education you are getting at a rediculously low price. Seriously.

If you answered no to the above, did you register at UVU? I say that because they admit everyone. If no, how about independent study at BYU? Probably, not the best bet, but still something. If you go that route is does NOT mean you'll get into BYU ever. Last but not least...but close to least is Provo College. They suck. Not really...I'm sure they do some good although...they have a commercial that says their credits are non-transferable which means that they are NOT an accredited institution.

If you answered yes to any of the no BYU questions then you probably need a loan. Loans suck...but general authorities say that it's the only OK debt. Educational debt. I mean...within reason. Don't take out a huge loan to become a 4th grade teacher......Or do! It's your life.

If you are smart you can get scholarships at BYU. It's a lot of hard work but it's so possible and so worth it. Each department has its on scholarship program, try them. Also, there are a lot of off-campus scholarship possibilities. BUYER BEWARE : if you have an off-campus scholarship you MUST have 12 credit hours of classes. Some scholarships require 14 or more hours. It's kinda jank, basically because BYU is death hard sometimes. But don't let it discourage you, it's worth it.

If college in Provo/Orem isn't what you are coming for then why the heck are you here? Provo is strictly a college town and caters to college students. Especially, Mormon college students. Nothing is open past ten. Nothing is open Sunday. There are no careers here, unless you are going to be a professor or some kinda Road Work Specialist. There is one InDes firm. There is water treatment and waste management. And restaurants like crazy.

If you are single, rent is dog-gone cheap. Unless you are feeling cool and want to live sorta up scale. BUYER BEWARE : the more costly apartments and condo's are populated by richy rich riches who drive their Daddy's BMW........ok so maybe not, but it is kinda that way. The best wards are in the chill places that aren't ritzy......which is provo ritzy.....which is like, not very ritzy.

Looking for a home? BYU housing guide....which I believe is housing.byu. Go there. Usually the farthe away you get from campus the cheaper it is. BUYER BEWARE : have a bike. Have a jacket or 20. 6 month winters baby doll and you can't live farther than a mile and a half from campus if you are single......and why would you want to anyway? On campus jobs are the best, the end. ALSO. Parking at BYU sucks. It actually blows chunks. There is enough student parking for me and two other people........literally.........if you don't drive to campus between 6 am and 7:45am, there will be no spaces for you. So just huff it.

So. The girl thing. Well. If you are coming for a girl with no other reason in mind. Joke is on you. When you get out here there are so many girls and things to do and people to meet and callings to receive, being burden with a girl already isn't the smoothest of moves. Maybe it is. Maybe it will be great. But if it isn't, don't cut your losses and head home. This place might be the cheapest, worry free college town on the planet. Love it.

Ever tasted a rainbow? Well here at BYU we intend of giving you that satisfaction. I'm Jake signing off, living the good life in Provo. Stay classy world.

Saturday, July 14, 2012

You suck. Not really. But kinda.

So I saw this...and I haven't posted in a while...well now I am. It's Friday night. No date. It's summer and blah-dy blah-dy blah! (all that ref.) I don't really know how to say this any other way, but I'm just done with dating. I'm about to be 25...I really could care less anymore. Maybe saying that leads me to destruction. Maybe I should try harder says one source. Maybe I should just let people come to me, says another. Both leads to less friends I feel like. Meh. That sounds bad, but I guess spending a Friday night with a bunch of dudes doesn't make one too peppy. Hmm. I did dominate at Smash. Peach pulls out a bomb-omb and saves the day. "You will not win tonight!" I think the key to staying positive on nights like this is to just try to learn whatever it is that a person should learn while they got nothing going on. Haha...sure something like that.

I have been playing guitar. I learned a good portion of Stairway to Heaven. I've learned the beginning to Layla Unplugged and Under the Bridge by RHCP.

I've started feeling like the apartment Mom. The only one that really cleans or anything like that really in my spare time.

I'm going to learn how to sew soon. Don't really know when that'll happen.

Dad will be here in two weeks or so and my birthday is too.

(The Real You suck. Not really. But kinda. Post)

So...I've been trying some social experiments lately, just to see if maybe I can get along with people better. Not that I don't get along with people. But all people, is what I'm going for. Basically, I used this topic to get to what I really wanted to talk to.

Tell a girl you like her and its all over. Pessimistic, sorry. Optimistically, because let's just get the bad out of the way, it could start everything; joy, rapture etc. As a general rule, not mentioned in <----dating tips blog----bueno----read it----it's 100% facts----it really really is all true----not really---- I only date people I've known for a while. Therein runs a risk of failure and loss-of-girl-as-friend-status. But recently I tried the, tell-the-girl-straight-out-and-figure-it-out-later method. It's not that bad. At the end its like no harm, no foul. And you live on happily ever after. Kinda. It's interesting to me that one ends well with someone you really dont know and ends terrible with someone you have come to really like. Whickety whack.

Aside - I do the friend thing because of Xan and Mak. Me and Mak once talked about the whole dating scene. We concluded that if you are good enough friends, and one asks the other out, best friends should consider it.

I dunno this is all theory any way.

Life Update por la parentals - Made my resume look spiffy. Pretty much ready to make shoes. Portland was really really fun. I pretty much love little baby childs now. Summer is going great. I'm not doing too too much,  but designing. Sketching. I want a bike, car...and a real job. I've been cleaning a lot. Our apartment always gets gross so fast. bleh. Dad comes out soon. We'll do a buncha stuff.