Friday, September 23, 2011


Why is BYU built on a huge hill? Maybe I wouldn't feel so lazy then. Like I know we Mormon's get thrilled on building stuff on top of hills/mountains, but please stop...or install those sick like flat escalator things like at airports. If you jog on those things you are cruising like 25 mph. That's a fact.

Or at least make bus passes a little more available. Don't get me wrong I like my legs being cut (muscularly), but c'mon, enough is enough is enough. I mean...900 is the weakest road of all time. Oh.........uh have a car? Where are you going to park? Try parking somewhere at 8 in the morning in Provo. Not possible. The only student parking lots are south of the giant hill and the other one is north of a giant hill that BYU cut out themselves. hahaha. We sure do love gradients here, huh?

I bet you were thinking, "Well, friend, live on campus." Hahaha...that's cute...really...really it is that. Oh BYU? sorry...only freshmen get that luxury. Yeah...go live down the hill for staying here for more than one year.

I kid....I'm kidding about being mad...Im not kidding about the rest of it. Those are facts.

I love this school. Just the other morning I didn't wanna go to work, but the thought of losing all four............ty (haha) dollars that I make a week, forced me to my feet, which peddled my bike, which perspired me, which brought me to the frozen tundra of the's not's only cold. But its all good, because days like today make it ok.

Basically, what this is about is when I complain I can continue to make stuff up to complain about. Most of the time I just laugh about it all.

Anywho, this post was written late at night when I was extremely tired. Why is BYU built on a hill (a bluff)? haha get it?

Haha This is the mean that flat by the stinky lake?

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

People....the Peeoplllllle.

A good question was raised the other day in my Psych class. Why are people the way they are? For me the biggest bullet point under that was, "Why are some people perfectly happy reading a book and being by themselves, while others have to base jump and shoot rockets to be happy?" It's a perplexing question to me. Why is it that some people suck at math? Math is straight up. You get what you get. Sure trig functions and identities can get weird and derivitives can get nuts, all reality once you get it, you get it.

What can't some people draw? I've always wondered. Is it a motor skill defect? Draw what you see. It's right there. Its not that hard. Or...what? I mean one is going to draw something completely prefect as if it were printed off the computer. But really, general in a still life should be easy. I just don't get it. Sit a bunch of people in a room and tell them to draw a still life and, well, you never know what you'll get. Maybe it's that we don't work that skill enough as a child or work the creative side enough. Who knows?

Why do some guys like red headed daughters of God while others like blonde headed daughters of God? Weird way to put it...but shut up. How else could I say that in a respectful manner?

Anyway. That's it really. I just want to know what makes people tick.

There was an even crazier question posed, "why is there consciousness?" That one kinda blew my mind. Why do we need to be self-aware?

There isn't much else to say. I mean it's a hard subject because, well, there is no real answer I assume. We looked at some pictures of brains, do you know the ones? Like, infrared? (Ohhh...MRI...oops...I'm dumb I just realixed that after typing all this and don't want to erase it all.) Well, the ones that show brain heat? A lot of the brain isn't doing much, at least, there is no heat, which I guess means there is no activity. Why don't we use more of our brain? Oh well, that's neither here nor there.

So. School is going great. I love my classes. I love my schedule. I have plenty of time to work on stuff. I also really like checking out the upcoming freshmen. (It kinda helps me understand why its hard for my professors to cut people. I mean, some people just have so much potential and some just don't and it's hard to tell people that because it goes so much against the grain of today's "you can do anything" attitude. I want everyone to succeed, but some just won't.) They are so cool. Full of ambition. Trying to make sense of what the design professors are trying to say. I try to point them in some direction and it's fun. At the same time I made a lego on a computer rendering program. haha Life is so good. I'm finally learning how to color too. My professor told me and a couple other students today that we were good enough to get a job. That was nice. Hey parentals! Hope life is good.