Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Semester Wrap-Up 7. it is again. The end of my seventh semester. Basically, I'm a semester away from freedom from school for a little while. That's the scariest thing. Eh. I say that, but then it doesn't feel that way at all.

So. Taking a look back at the semester some great things have happened. I learned that anthropology is pretty cool. I learned not to judge people. I didn't think I did anyway but now I know everyone has a back story to who they are and why they are who they are. I've learned I have the same emotions in common with the Bushmen in South Africa. We may believe different things, but underneath it all, me and Ukwane are pretty similar. I also learned that there are some interesting cultures. I learned that Wal-Mart is pretty crappy. I learned that Apple is kinda cool. I learned that Bill Gates was an extremely nerdy dude who ate too much pizza in the 80's. I want pizza. I HAVE PIZZA!!! BRB!

That was legit. I literally forgot.

Philosophy. I learned that there have been some pretty smart dudes. I learned that science doesn't prove much because this could all be fake and we could all be brains in a vat. I learned that we have successfully produced a protein from lighting and some other inorganic stuff. That's pretty freaky. I mean...if it's even real...still could be in the matrix right now. I learned that some people just thinking in a room almost arrived at the Mormon religion without even meaning to a couple hundred years before Joseph Smith. That's kinda crazy. I learned that there are holes in all arguments. I learned that a man named William James said the smartest thing I've ever heard. Basically, if you can't prove something with science or reason its okay to side with which ever one you believe in more. THANK YOU. The debates will always be over now for me. It was like a breathe of fresh air.

I learned that Freshmen coming into that class need a solid testimony haha

We didn't read anti, but she brought up all the objections to the church one could think of. There are answers. I loved it. The class is in my top 3 of all classes at BYU. I stand a chance at getting an A in it.

Basketball. I learned not to judge a book by its cover. I really didn't like one dude in the class because he was a ball hog to death. the court he's a great dude. I learned that I have a  pretty sweet half court shot. I know how to use picks now...and how to pick in a zone. Word. I also may be a players assistant to the BYU team next semester because I rocked it in class.

Design......listen don't ever talked to me about the word honesty ever again. I know about honesty inside and out. I can make my own shoes. That's what I got there.

Spiritually...I have learned to serve more. I love doing the dishes for my apartment now, even though I do grumble. I love having a clean apartment and I love cleaning it. I remember a quote about obedience, something like...when obedience becomes a way of life....something....well charity is a commandment and obedience to it is becoming easier. I love that. I've done some stupid know...everyone has their favorite sins. Always got to kick those things, stay in reality, think before acting. The Spirit has always warned me before doing dumb things...I need to pay more attention to His promptings in that regard.

Friends. Made some great new friends. Get blazed. Miss some of the old ones. Jules. The girls of 113 & 114, miss them bad. I've learned that if someone knows your buttons, they will push them. But Lance and I keep trucking. We've both been through a crap-ton in 4 months.

I've learned that a Macbook will break the bank. Hard.

I've learned that I've made some mistakes, that have cost me dearly. I have a hard time believing it sometimes. It's been a hard semester, behind all the laughs. Ultimately, this whole year has been about trusting God. I don't know what else to do. So much could be said...Anyway...

Love, and spend time loving. The longer I'm alive, the more I cherish each moment.

Drop the mic. See ya soon 2014.

Friday, December 6, 2013

How to live : Change and Motivation

"A new commandment I give unto you, That ye love one another; as I have loved you, that ye also love one another." - Jesus The Christ

Okay. So that's significant. Sure. But at just a walk by view its hard to pull away what one should or how one should view that phrase. 

I have never thought much about this scripture myself, other than to recite it in my brain, which does next to nothing. Sad as that may be. 

What I'm talking about is how we treat others. We know who cares more about us because we can feel it. I also feel like we know when we hurt people or put people off or something. Nothing is said, but its like there is this other worldly element that reacts to everything and is sensitive. Don't know what that could be. Sounds like rubbish. 

So understanding this and accepting that as real, it is safe to say that people are people and that people are complicated multi faceted beings with various ideas about life and how things should be. Some hold to those ideas like they are real tangible things, never letting go. We'll get to that none sense in a minute. 

But talking about Kantian ethics...the guy who stole the above quote and elaborated on it...I want to share some thoughts from Philosophy class. Basically, because I like my readers to learn things whether they like me or not as a person. Punks. Don't hate. 

Kant says several things - but says it really detailed and hard to bring out. 

Think about this. Our motivations are good when our motivations stay the same when the consequences change. Regardless of what the end of result is, you stay true and a good person. I love that. 

Next. Act as though you want whatever it is you do to become a universal law. Should I kill? I don't know, do I want other people killing me? No...don't do that thing. Should I lie, cheat, steal, smack people's mouths with raw meat, kick puppies, pie people in the face at church, arson, poop on pillowcases (Lance's fave), spray sleeping people with frigid water, push Clark off the couch? If I don't want these things to be universally okay for others to do to me, then no, I should not do those things. 

Last. Always treat people as an end, not a means to an end. Basically, don't use people to achieve selfish goals. That's self explanatory. 



I think its futile

to hold on to our norms. To hold onto the old ways. While I consider morals a constant, for they have to be, I consider a lot of things unfinalizable. We sometimes think we that the way we do things is the best. That’s only a means to the end of never progressing. 

Truth is, things are changing all the time around us. The only thing constant is change. Why would we not adapt our circumstances to the situations of our lives? 

Why must we be hardheaded? 

I'm not 100% charitable. Get there. I'm don't always listen to the best music. I need to stop. I won't get there tomorrow but I need to try. I'm not always the nicest person. I need to start being a nicer person....that is probably the most important. 

But change. Change is what needs to happen. I get scared of it sometimes and we all do. I don't care what mask you put on. Part of this Post-Modern age we live in is that everyone is starting to open more and talk about everything. I like it to a point. What I do like is that people are starting to not feel abnormal or that they need to hide it....again to an extent....sheesh....I also believe in decency, which some people throw out the window instantly. DUMB.

I digress. Point is. Ideas about life come and go. We learn things that replace what we think all the time, whether we think we do or not, it's happening. 

Basically, I'm saying this so people will be nicer and think about others more often. Just be slow to anger, quick to hear people out. Slow to mean words, quick to kind ones. Slow to shun, quick to include. It all works out in the end. 

This is me dropping the mic and walking away.