Thursday, January 31, 2013

Sometimes, it just feels like the first couple minutes of this.

I sympathize. And wish this really happened. Stupid Disney....just making the coolest flipping stuff.

Just the iron will of good hearted men haha...

Monday, January 21, 2013

Center stage on the mic. And we're putting it on wax.

It's the NEW style!!! 4 and 3 and 2 and 1 and when I'm on the mic the suckers run. <<dope rhyme>>

I have less to say on this blog than I have in a long time. School is so cool this semester. I feel like I have so much time to do things to get caught up. I also feel like I'm internalizing things. Por exemplo...

ummm...nothing is coming to me...

I had no idea that there is the a chicago style of writing and that the Ensign is written in it. I knew about APA and MLA but...yeah...AND freak in the Chicago style if you do something, then do another something, and then do something have put a comma before the and (see how I did it??? freaking whaaaaa?)

Two, on things learned. Le Corbusier. Technically I learned this last year, but he has over 37 works. They all sell for quite a bit of money. Henry Van De Velde designed the architecture for the Bauhaus and etc. If you don't what the Bauhaus is, well, that's your bad. You can't own much that hasn't been influenced by them...and the Workstadd...thats another story.

Three. I'm not a big fan of the aesthetics valued by Frank Lloyd Wright. So sue me.

Four. This blog is usually about girls. Honestly...I don't have much to say about the subject, things are good I do suppose. Technically this blog was started so "mediocre" guys could find great girls. Kinda a hitch type-thing. Well...also so other guys could know that I struggle and so maybe they'd feel less bad for struggling because I still struggle. Redundant much?

Five. I guess I'm only still numbering this because I started numbering it and it feels like I should still be numbering. Redundant much? <<<< hahaha I'm laughing anyway...just on the couch rolling haha

Six. I guess this was also started so girls...who I have found are my primary readers.... would understand what guys are thinking. Since I feel like I range in what is considered the stereotypical guy. Don't go something like...oooohhhhh Jake you are great....just....stop....and maybe I won't assume the thoughts that are going through your mind. If you are still following me....I still feel like my opinions somewhat match the opinions of other guys. Probably the guys that normal girls (though you are all wonderful...sheesh...cover my butt real quick) like ya'll, will finally settle down with. Not actors or astronauts or stripling soldiers...let me be frank...the stripling soldiers you ladies imagine probably didn't exist, or did but in the same amount of buffy buffs and huge-jawed swag men (Jimmer) that exist today, which if I do some rough number crunching is like 1 to every 30...or a generous 20.

Seven. So guys and gals...mostly it is...out in the open Go there guys and adapt the doctrines found therein to your circumstances.

That's that's that.