Saturday, May 28, 2011

Hermione at BYU. The perfect post.

So this would be amazing, it's a dream, but I've been speaking in a british accent all night thinking how amazing it would it's going be typed up. Let me take you away to a place...

I finally watched all the Harry Potter's. Back a while ago, I couldn't give a darn about them, but I watched them and loved them, well they were alright I guess..... So my friend sends me a link for the trailer of the last movie and I'm thinking...sweet. It was on imdb. So I'm looking at some of the things for the movies. Finally, I start checking out the actors...and actresses.

So yeah...I check out Emma Watson. Probably my favorite thing in the movies is the love triangle between her, Ron, and Harry (not so much Harry). So I read the little bio on her, who knows how acurate those things are, even though I trust most of it. I'm reading some things, she seems lively. She knows french... Tight. Como estas? Went to a bunch of schools in England. She couldn't have earrings til she was 15...which says something good about her upbringing. She's from France, lived in England...I knew someone who lived in England. She likes the arts...who doesn't? I'm a design know...yadda I get to the bottom of her current events and read that she's in the process of switching schools, which came down from her publicist or here it goes.

Emma Watson come to BYU. It's a first rate education and I think you'd be treated like a real person. Which, if I know fame correctly.... ahem...Jimmer, is exactly why you leaving your current school...or things of that sort. Listen, you can't find a school with better morals and still having just as much fun, if not even more. No lie miss Watson. And it's darn cheap...that probably isn't your biggest concern, but it is challenging and our School of Art is renowned. BYU graduates are everywhere and sometimes are the leads, in fashion, design, sports, broadway, business, and medicine, you name ite.

Now, I know what you are thinking...whatever would just want to date me. To which I say, maybe...and probably...but us RM's (return missionaries for the LDS church, ever heard of them? BYU is filled with them) are different, just ask around...haha we actually want a good wife and good family, because family and having a family is the ultimate joy in life... That's just how we are. So there, I'm a for sure brotha. You would be treated with the utmost respect, but I would have to see your in your element, I couldn't just commit myself. If you are stuck up, you're done...easy as that. BUT. Come play kick ball at FHE...and its ok if you aren't good at it. I'll have to take you to the Creamery. You gotta try Graham Canyon! It's ice cream and it's delish. Yeah...on our dates I'd have to speak in a british accent...Like...come on, obviously, don't be daft. You'd have to come to our ward. Our Bishop is pretty amazing. Everything is great. I'm not going to lie...but how sick would it be to have Hermione Granger chilling in our apartment, in little ol' Provo? But trust me, you'd come here and laugh, it'd be amazing. Mormon humor is unlike anything, its hilarious. Just a bunch of sober people just trying to have laughs. You might think you know fun...but I'm telling you. Just come here. You'd be treated like a queen...

I'm here to tell you that I'm not impressed by the money, the fame, any of that, because Emma, you are a woman...... and an individual and in God's eyes those things "perish with thee". Sure, definitely, of course, I feel like I would have been comforted when you put your head on Harry's shoulder after he found his parents tombstone. That would've put all my troubles at ease. It was dag-gum cute. One of my favorite quotes is, "The pure hearted love from a pure hearted girl is one of the most inspirational things in life." I believe it whole heartedly, especially after watching your struggles and triumphs in the movies. It was inspiring. I wanted to be a better guy.

So there you have it. BYU. It would be worth it. I garuantee it, nay, absolutely garuantee it. It would definitely be worth a tour. I feel like we have some of the best and brightest people in the world here...all good kids looking to do good and be their very best, you'd fit right  in.

By the way, in case you weren't told are gorgeous.  :)


  1. Wow, Jake! Harry Potter has really embedded itself into you! You should send this to her...maybe she would actually come. It's worth a shot!

  2. That's the objective...but I'm afraid this blog isn't getting spread around like I'd thought.