Saturday, April 9, 2011

the winter semester wrap up

It's 10:35 in the morning and feels like 3 in the why not blog? It's the first time in a long time that I've been able to sit back and relax and not have to do something. Sure I probably have some design work to do, or dishes, or taking out the trash, or cleaning in general...but I think there are just times when we need to step back. Especially after playng basketball at 7 in the morning (Which I'm loving.) It's been a great semester. It went by so fast that I have a hard time recalling what happened at the beginning of it. (Aside from we go again.)

It's been nothing short of a bumpy ride. There have been emotions and tempers flaring in my apartment and in my life in general. There have been ups that seem short and downs that seem like eternity. Also, let us not forget the Jimmer days, the days of James Taft, Fredette abou it. I've went to girl stardom with one of my posts. Shout out to the ladies who loved my "17000 girls post"...which is still quite popular...what up with that? But thats not the point of my posts. I just have an opinion.

I've also lost some friends...which...well, is nothing I've ever wanted, but what seems to be only course sometimes. I'm not the kind of guy that ever accepts that things have to be one way, with the scores of possibilites and factors in life. But...then again, usually things like that have to be mutually accepted to work. Somethings are willed by our God, though, and when accepted lead to better and more fruitful things. This has always been the case and is the case in these instances.

 With probably 2 A's and 2 B's coming in InDes all I can do is sit and wait. I can also sit and hope the spring/summer kids suck and drop out. I know that sounds mean, but I like it here and would like to get in and stay. It would be nice to know what InDes is like without all the pressure to out work everyone else. Right now I'm doing alright. This semester was scores better than last semester. I feel like I finished a lot higher than last semester and my professors have really warmed up to me. My work has definitely improved...if I knew how to put pictures on this thing I would certainly be doing that.

I've also had the added stress of Stats 121 and Geo 101. Enough said.

The future is unclear though. "I don't deserve anything", is a quote from one of my friends blogs. I know in my mind that if my pieces aren't better and I dont preform better, I don't get in. I'm not entitled to anything and certainly there aren't and participation awards. It's in or out. I don't think I've sealed my position in the InDes program in any way. I just have to watch, wait and pray. The Lord has helped me to this point. I've prayed over pretty much every piece.

I'm still looking for that special girl. When I seem to think I've found her, that's when I haven't found her. I definitely have my eyes open though...and there is some favoritism going on. haha.

I'm really excited for summer. One of my best friends, Chuckie, is getting married. I've been excited about weddings before, but this one is special. I love that kid. Never met a better example of someone who stays the course...guess that's why I nicknamed him Ol' Reliable. I might be headed out to Missouri again, I know that's make three return visits but thats ok. I'm also thinking about finishing and submitting my piece to the church art competition. It's a secret as to what it is though. If any of my ID friends read this they'll understand...but it'll be nice to do a piece that doesn't serve a purpose..that is simply trying to share a message through a medium...not be a bone or a perfectly constructed rock replica. Ugh...

"Guys if I ever work up enough courage I'm going to go up to her door, knock on it and say, 'Listen girl, me and you need to have a are so fine I just want to buy you things.'" -- me -- "Because I just don't have anyother way to express my feelings other than buying you flowers and telling you that you are most beautiful girl I've ever seen. You make all the other girls disappear. You make heaven tangible."

Hahaha...I love my apartment and the good times this semester. We practice our sweet talking hahaha...ooookkkk IIII practice my sweet talking and they just shake their heads...hahaha...but really the growth has been nothing short of amazing, we've learned a lot of life lessons together. I love them. Hand selected for this school year? No doubt in my mind.

One more...

"I don't know what you are doing right now but forget it and come with me." haha


  1. How about practicing the sweet talking on people besides your roommates could help with the ladies?! Unless you really desire your roommates.

  2. Yeah yeah! I hear ya. I'm working on it. But at least I get good practice. I might be too nervous to really say that stuff.