Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Babbbbaaaayyyyyy eeee aaayyyy I get chills when I'm with youuuuuu!

One of the best songs of all time by Sheriff. I love that song. Everytime I see a girl that I like...boom. In case you haven't noticed by now...I give a lot of thought into this girl business. Sure, InDes is fun, but whats the point? What point is there to anything I do to get ahead other than to support a family and perpetuate God's plan? I don't want to hang out with guys anymore. Or ever. Our apartment said that a long time ago...I don't want to see your butt on Friday. General Conference was amazing by the way. Why should anything else take priority? Sure school is fun, rewarding, you name it...but the joy comes in the home. Yeah, even sometimes I need to be hit in that head and reminded of that and thats why I was thinking in my mind...I'm glad conference is every 6 months. I feel like thats how long it takes to get off track, even if its only a smidge.

So the semester is almost over. There are a lot of things I want to write about. For example...my priesthood lessons. I've also had occassion to give three spiritual thoughts at ward prayer. Each made me think a lot. I think I taught "Another level, another devil" at FHE. I learned that one in the hood of KC. I've also had a lot of girl moments....many of which leave me baffled. But whatever. I lou of General Conference I do have a response. A lot of guys don't date girls because some ( well....I mean a lot of) girls have a hard time communicating. That comes from multiple sources and yeah...that can be some of the worst rejection. Anyway, anyway, thats not what I'm talking about. But its true. And don't leave me any negative comments just listen. Sheesh...

I'm talking like guys make a lot of mistakes too. But right now...whats on my mind is something my roommate said. "Find someone that adores you and someone you adore and hang on." Heck yes. The problem is when you adore someone and yeah...not reciprocated. But this is it...True affection. We've been told to go on dates and this is true. I feel like thats fine. I'm talking here about how you know when you've locked something down. True affection. It's when the girl's faults disappear and it doesn't matter what they do because you know the real person. It's when the minor flaws and imperfections in her nature are trivial. When she adores you, and you adore her...and you can tell...I have my own little quote wall on my laptop full of inspirational quotes...one reads...

"Tell a beautiful woman she's beautiful and what have you given her? It's a fact, costing you nothing. Tell an ugly woman she's beautiful and you offer the homage of corrupting beauty. Loving a woman for her virtues is meaningless. She earned it, it's payment, not a gift. Loving her for her vices is a real gift, unearned and undeserved, and that's a real tribute of love, because you sacrifice your conscience and reason."
That strikes me everytime, so powerful. Sometimes, when you find a girl you actually want, that gift is effortless. It's that kind of true affection that leads the guy to change and, in the words of Lenny Williams, "try to be a....betta man for you." Elder Holland said that true affection makes you giddy. Hence, baaaabbbbbbbaaaayyyy eeee aaaayyyy I get chills when I'm wth you. I mean dang, if you can't, with confidence, say that...shoot...I don't even know. Question if it has the legs to go the distance---Andy Bernard--- haha...If you can't, with confidence, say I love you. I don't even know. I could go on. I just love how Elder Holland put it in....probably last conference? Maybe. Either way...when you can look at a girl and say I trust you, you are my best friend, please be mine...thats it....thats the pinnacle. It makes me sad to see when a guy isn't around his girl...doesn't acknowledge her presence in the room. She shouldn't have to command your attention. You just get that feeling that you know... when she's gone and you feel like you are missing something...these are the feelings...

What else can I say...I feel like this is another preachy thing...but no one has to read it. I call it how it is. This is what I feel. Usually I'm right, spot on, when it comes to this guy thing.

That's that. Another piece to the guy riddle. The thing is is a guy knows when he finds that too. At least I think I do. It's only any good when it works out. Much love Pop Tarts viewers...I'll get off the girl thing soon. I just have a bone to pick right now.


  1. That's some good insight into girls. You made some valid points. It's important that you feel really great about that special girl. I wrote something about dating last night. Check it out and follow my blog.

  2. I've been found out! I stole it. I didn't know you read my blog though! Haha. Sweet!