Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Another piece to the puzzle...

I haven't writtn a blog in a while and thats because nothing has really inspired me. I probably should learn to write things as they come. Here is one thing about the Gospel, short and sweet.

I've been intrigued with a teaching of the Prophet Joseph Smith. Most, if not all, Christian congregations believe that God created everything from nothing, nothing existed except for God. Then in some way He created everything that now is out of nothing. What is interesting about that, however, if He did that, He created the very conditions that required the sacrifice and horrible suffering of His only Son. If He is all power why whould He do such a thing? Most, if not all, Christian sects will, at this point, say...

"It's a mystery."

The Prophet taught, because he was taught from on high, that element is eternal, the elements that make us up are eternal, also law is eternal and that there cannot be any creation* to it. This accepted, then Christ was really responding voluntarily to pre-existing conditions that needed to be met. I stress that because God grants us all agency, our own ability to choose. Even Christ had agency to do what He did. He decided to enact His Father's plan, the plan for our salvation. There is then a deeper understanding of the Atonement of Jesus Christ, that He "offered Himself a ransom for many". It becomes more powerful and there is a deeper sense of Christ's love for us and for His Father. What strain must have been on the Savior, the necessity for perfection and exact** obedience. But He was not forced, He said in effect, "Here am I send me."

I love the Lord.

I've been astounded recently with the truth that radiates from that piece of revelation given to Joseph Smith. It's amazing.

*There is only organization of existing materials to create, which is a form of creation and creativity. Law stands on its own and has existed forever.
**I also like to think of exacting obedience. Because that level of obedience had to be extremely difficult, to say the least. Some of what He did, however, probably didn't seem hard to Him, but all of it seems hard to me and would exact a lot of effot from me.

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  1. Good thoughts Jake! The restoration really has a lot of meat to it, but this is simple, beautiful milk. These facts about the character and attributes of God are both enlightening and liberating. I love how the concept of eternal law affirms both the gospel and science, and since all truth is circumscribed into one great whole it does truly fit together perfectly.