Thursday, March 3, 2011

Playa's gonna play. Lover's gonna love.

Ok...more things that everyone should know. I didn't use to like BYU, at all really. I never wanted to end up in Utah, then I went on a mission. I came home and decided I needed a life. I also decided I needed a good place to go, with a real program. It's cheap and prestigious and, of course, full of hunnies. I was still skeptical, but I learned the program I got into was nationally admired so I thought well, what the heck. I came, at first afraid, afraid that I had made a bad choice and even more afraid that I was now stuck with it regardless. Now, I don't even want to go home! (Even though last week I was getting home sick.) It's just a contageous place.

I do feel like my welcome has kinda run out. Well, not my welcome, maybe just the intrigue of being the new guy. Everyone was just like, "who is the new kid?" It was probably one of the coolest feelings ever. I feel like that's gone now, after a series of bad decisions in a row. I say things like they are more intense than they really are. They seem bad at the time then reality hits. I'm not talking about it because I don't want to break the rules of my last blog. Girls are at the root of every guy problem. My problem is that I shuffle my feet. Ya snooze ya lose I guess, but I don't like that boundary.

Point is, is now I'm not the new kid anymore and impressions have already been made before people even got to know me. Lame...but what do I do? When I first got here I met some people that, yeah, I wanted to get to know better, but girl struggles came in and the oppurtunities were lost. Dumb distractions. Lesson learned I guess. That new kid feeling is just something you don't get back. When the first impression is made it's hard to change it, unless you are actually drastically different than the persona that a person has created for you in their own mind. It kinda sucks. Maybe that's just why people ward hop here and move all the time.

My bishop was saying that people don't really even start seeing the real you until after about three months. Isn't that the dang truth...but I guess then he was talking about dating...and seeing a person frequently enough. That could even be extended longer when you aren't around a person enough.

Am I talking about something controversial?...I feel like that could be the case. Well...I saved this as a draft because I didn't want to be all somber. Meh, but that's life. Besides I actually want to document whats going on in my liz-ife.

Yeah...that's right...sometimes I think in ebonics. Don't hate.


  1. The plus side is: the ward changes enough with all the ward hopping that it will be a while new ward come fall. actually, come spring to be honest.

  2. You's whatevs. I'm thinking T.J. that I'm going to have a monthly posts about girls and such...haha this just doesn't sell, nor does it have the mass appeal.

  3. but why go for "mass appeal" when you can just be you? you don't need to appeal to the masses, just to yourself, to God and that one particular lady who won't know how she ever got along without you when she meets you...

  4. Wise council from the Phoglesage! Be Jake, watch who's paying attention, introduce yourself. You've got nothing to lose and everything to gain.

    I advise: when in doubt, bust a move!