Saturday, February 26, 2011

"Seventeen thousand girls and a brotha can't get a-one of them!"

Is a quote that I said one day to my friend Kyle in girl frustration.

I don't write about girls. I'll tell you why. All ten people who have viewed my posts...and a special shout out to my three followers...It just seems to me that when I write about a girl, or "girls" as a general theme, but mostly when I single one out, I look back and feel stupid. I think, "Psh. Why did I write this?" Most of that stuff I don't really like to remember and reminds me of childish things.

I have broken my own rule, though, more than once. Even recently. But that is in my journal, no one sees it. Ok. Ok. But seriously, first on the list. Provo needs to get a room, just saying. Don't make out in Best Buy. Literally (ok that's Orem but close enough)....nuff said. So I figure that the people want me to talk about it and so I'll give the people what they want. I just feel that a person should be with someone who has similar interests. That's my only thing. When I was younger I probably only picked girls who were, well, aesthetically interesting. Probably not my best plan. My point is, I try not to set rules anymore because that makes things complicated. Just go with the flow, become friends and, as cliche as it sounds, follow my heart. However, I don't feel like I'm just saying that anymore. It's a more refined feeling.

So that's probably all I'll give on the lady-folk. Specifics just don't work and drama just isn't cool. OH! I always want to say this, the girl that marries me gets to go to Hawaii!!! (As if that's any incentive.) Yeah, I served with a missionary from the islands and he said he'd hook me up. I don't even know if I want to go. Maybe someday. Romantic times to me don't have to be so crazy. They can be simple. Romantic things to me are like watching sunsets and being inside when its snowing and just wrapping up in a blanket, together. Heck yeah. Don't get me wrong, I don't just watch snow fall and let it go to waste. But ya'll know what I mean. OH! One last thing on things of romance. I might be a redneck at heart, but I really want to get an old ford truck with a bench seat in the cab. Following me? Well, I was coming home from a church thing one summer evening and the sun was setting and I'm behind this truck, probably made in the early 90's. Anyway, his girl was right next to him, he had his arm around her and was just cruising like a king. Bravo. That'd be sick.

That's legit to me. That's how you treat a girl. She becomes queen of your world. Well, something to that sort. That's probably all you'll get from me on the subject. I just like to be creative, I feel like that's how us guys should show we care. Maybe I'm wrong, but when I heard this guy in Wal-Mart on Valentines Day say, "Dang! Where are the dang three dollar cards, these all cost six!" I just...well one, wanted to snap, two, I wanted to say, "you are in dang Wal-mart, fool", and three, I wanted to say, "dude, your wife is dang worth every penny."

That's what inspires me. So all this is just one big rant, but what I really wanted to say was, I have a break from inDes til Tuesday and thank goodness. Maybe, I'll blog again before that, but this should suffice. Good golly gosh, got me all worked up. Hey look! Alliteration!


  1. true dat. I love how you keep it real. its like our brains be intertwined. miss u baby,

  2. Dude for real. I miss you hecka bad. Just be where your girl be. haha. All I'm saying. LOVE YOU BUR!

  3. Love the alliteration. Also, you are totally on the right track. :o)

  4. So I showed this to my roommate without telling her who wrote it. Her words: "Who wrote this? Can I marry him?"

  5. Haha...I never saw this...but the answer is yes.