Saturday, February 19, 2011

Does that blow your mind? Because it blows mine.

So it goes a little something like this. Check baby, check baby, one, two, three. BYU is amazing, simply amazing. I love my InDes classes more than almost anything. I love my roommates more than that, if it were possible. Lance makes it possible.

I've learned more about design than I ever had in my life. The most significant thing I've learned is something my creativity professor said. "The best way to have a great idea is to have a lot of good ideas." That clicked over the break, big time. A lot of design is just cranking out ideas, bad or good. Exploration is the key to innovation. Most of the time the first design idea isn't the best. But it's the essence of those ideas that lead to the great ideas. Basically it's the process of ideation and iteration. We are currently building 16" cardboard stools. A lot, if not all, of the first ideas we had got thrown out.  Whether it was a structural or story problem, they got the boot. When the first boost of inspiration comes, immediately we want latch on to that idea and hold it. It's hard to let go of initial ideas, but that stops fluency, which is the difference between designers and engineers. It's all about attacking a problem from as many angles as possible. I use to throw out ideas all the time when I was studying design in Virginia, now I ask everyone. It's made all the difference.

I don't really know what my nexts posts are going to be like...basically because I'm new at this, however, as soon as something funny happens, I'm pretty sure I'm going to "web-log" it. Because that's what blog stands for right?...Probably not...

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  1. I'm feelin the blog man.... good insight into the creative process. Keep enlightening us all man!