Tuesday, October 8, 2013

I've seen the Office...I know how this ends.

Here we are. Back. Back in the flesh. Back in the saddle. That unruly stead of life, always bucking and turning and bucking. Turning like the tide. Roll tide. Like a hurricane. Like a freight train coming toward ya at the speed of life. Electric word life, that means forever and that's a mighty long time. Time keeps slipping into the future. Further seems forever. Forever young, I want to be forever young. Hot like wasabi when I bust rhymes.....that's enough of that.

Basically here's how it rolls, it's my senior year at the Y. What the freak?! It's coming in hot too. Like a comet running off course, but then on the course of my life. It's all too much to handle. I don't have the guaranteed ring that comes with admission to this prestigious school. It's probably my bad. Be that as it may I must move on.

I must speak the words of my heart. I must speak.

I hate losing. There is always someone we think we shouldn't lose to. Hopefully, that's satan. Or Roy.

But on a more personal more worldly note, I always end up comparing myself to others. Not that its something I want to do, but its something that happens quite a little bit. And in my mixed up sense of pride I conjure up people who I think I should always beat out. Maybe they think they should beat me. Maybe I just don't like the person. Regardless, I've learned to just stick to my guns, glory in the triumphs of my brethren, however, not giving up on my own dreams and happiness.


Eventually, Jim got Pam. Eventually, all that is right in the world becomes right in our world.

Did your heart not sing when Jim finally asked Pam out?? That's a joy I hope everyone feels.

I have met a lot of Pam's though.

I have also learned the past couple of months to not be afraid to mess up. There are two kinds of people in this life. People who are afraid to be wrong and people who would rather mess up a million times to have some truth. With one, sure you are never wrong about anything because you never accept anything, and with the other you end up having to accept things that aren't total truths or maybe you have to accept some falsehoods but in the end have the opportunity to know what is real.

But live life. We have to be wrong and right. We have to fail and get up.

It will all come together.

I've seen the Office, I know how this turns out. Eventually, the girl/guy sees what he could have and sees what is truly real.

May I be blessed with such foresight, keep my goals in sight, and plant my best foot forward. I mean, it's my last year here.

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