Thursday, August 18, 2011

Something like an awakening...

Smelly people around me got me thinking about my own aroma. This is serious business.

So I need a new deodorant. Let me tell you why. It's Old Spice. So that's good. But you know how you have to change your alarm sound because you get use to it and you stop waking up when it goes off? Well......that doesn't exactly corrolate.

But I need a new deodorant. The other day I was at work and I realized that I didn't like my own scent. It was really powerful because it went through my lab coat and my hoody. Maybe I was just perspired cutting fruit at a blistering speed and my deodorant decided it needed to work overtime. That's neither here nor there.<---cliche. The point is that I sniffed and yeah...old spice is the perfect name, because it was just that, spicey. My nose tingled a lil bit.

So I'm going to look for a new scent because I figure, new school year, new scent. <---Logic. I want to walk into class like a fresh catnip for the scent of a wolf shirt or wolf shirt in scent form... I like Old Spice because it lasts long, but I have no desire to smell spicey.

I want a wolf shirt so bad.

I don't think I'd ever wear it. I just want it...I have a shirt with Mr.T's face on it. It's too dominant. It needs competition. (If you want a good laugh search wolf shirt at amazon and look at the reviews.)

There's too many choices of scents. Axe is for tools<---new favorite word. Degree is for women. Right Guard....?...maybe. Arm and Hammer..hahahaha..let's not play, that's detergent in a spreadable solid.

Have you ever had the gel deodorant? like it comes out of little holes in an aqueous state........what the heck is that about? And when you plop it on, it's ice cold. You have to shimmy it on and , from what I remember wearing it in 6th grade, I had to flap my arms around something like a chicken gargonzola to get it to stop being cold. So stupid. Forget putting it on when you're wearing a shirt because once you touch your shirt with it, you get to live with ice cold gel on your shirt.

^^^^That was a rant about gel deodorant. It was too long. haha^^^^

 So I dunno. Well that's that. I have my roommates back. Sorry, that could be confusing. My roommates moved in. So expect more of this. Our apartment is full of it. I'm excited for school to start. I also want to play more basketball. Yes. Yes I do.


  1. I still have a bottle of Old Spice body wash you left when you and your dad stayed at our house. My son won't use it because he says it has too much perfume in it. And, my husband uses a gel deodorant, Right Guard, and it smells wonderful, without being "knock you over with my presence" powerful. I hate it when a guy walks buy, and I can practically taste his deodorant or after shave. Subtly is key.

  2. Well said. And...darn it! Yeah I don't use that sutff anymore. haha Oops! I kinda just want to smell like nothing, unless your nose is pressed up against me haha Thats what I'm saying.