Monday, July 25, 2011

Provo PDA Guide

Short post from a while back.

 Hey so guess what...PDA...Public displays of affection=not cool...I'm going to be bluntly honest.

I was visiting with some friends from back home, one a stud in the Air Force dating an amazing girl, the other a stud of life in general, who is married to a great girl.We were chatting it up and we got on the subject of PDA. Just because of awkward things we've had to go through in our day. Let me be frank. PDA is fetching annoying. From three guys whom, I feel, have a good handle on things, it is painfully awkward. Here is a list of things not ok to do in the presence of even one person.

Tickle fights.
The girlfriend voice. ( know what this is...if not check the youtubes for the SNL skit.)
Making out.
More girlfriend voice.
Pet names.
Loudness in general.
Mushy-ness in general. You know, generally gross private things.
Awkward fights...
Laying on one another...which is against the standards of the church anyway.

Let's be's just bad. How could two people have no sense of awareness...TWO...not just the's all about that. Like...listen...when no one is around I don't care what you whatever you want to do. oh man...recently it's just been too much. Here are possible things that are ok...

An arm around...
Hand holding...
Normal behavior...
Laughing at jokes...

All ok. Listen...I get that none of this stuff will keep you from getting into heaven, but I felt like this is something that needs to be brought to the forefront.

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