Monday, July 25, 2011

Drop out of school and run awaaayyyy...

Quit your job you've got a place to stay...pack your bags and hitch a ride. Bremerton is a good place to reside. - MxPx.

 I was in an MxPx mood these past couple of days.

When I meet a special girl, she always lives somewhere else in the world. I don't want to call to her on the phone, I want to talk to her when I'm at home. - MxPx

I haven't blogged in a while and that's because I feel like nothing is going on in my life. Really, if I had something I'd surely post it. Here's my day, usually. Get up...drink some wa-wa...hopefully it's cold. I hop on my...well...yeah...I guess bike. I named it Stu. So I hop on my bike and ride to work. Work...ahhh...I feel like I need to write an ode to my job (probably a separate post soon). The beautiful CSC. With it's rugged decor and cold rooms, what a place. It's weird, the people there are starting to feel like family...or... home away from home. I use to just be the guy that showed up for about 2 hours and then booked it every other afternoon. I'm pretty sure only two people knew my name and they weren't in authority at all. Sometimes I would skip a week or two just because of InDes. People thought I do I know that? Because they'd walk up and say...I thought you quit. I, now-a-days, am an advice guy, the dicer and also find myself working with a bunch of girls............Yeah. I do ok with that. Not that I'm complaining! I'd rather work with a bunch of girls than a bunch of guys. Something about power struggle and competition isn't appealing to me unless I'm on the basketball court.

Summer isn't/wasn't what I was expecting...girl wise... I could blog about girls some more, but what would that really do? I could blog about dates... I could blog about frustration. But meh...not interested in that. Needless to say, it could be better.

I wanted to pick up more hours. So I did, and for a while I enjoyed it. Now. Shoosh. Sometimes its all I can muster to get up and go. Basically, I just can't stand being isolated there. Like...hey man...go do broccoli. "Ohhh fetch" That's what's in my head. I walk over there and know for the next couple of hours I'm by myself. I don't fully know if it's a type of torture yet, but I'm sure there's something to it. Because when you are by yourself and everyone else around you is paired up and doing something and talking and are just like...well...I'm not loved. That's the feeling you get. That's no lie. Good thing I'm going to eventually work with a team in design. Shoot.

 I love lunch "breaks". It might be the only reason I go to work. It's nice to sit and socialize. We just laugh about anything. Yes. Usually it's the girls that make me laugh. Yeah...I know I know...I'm just as surprised as you are. Haha...kidding ladies...If they read this they'd know that I couldn't just let them win that easy. But it's true.

A simple aside for a moment. I just want to mention the amazing environment of BYU. Anywhere else in the world (Virginia) most girls have mouths. Bad ones. But these girls are some of the best I've ever met. They always talk about wholesome things. I think the dirtiest it's ever gotten was when they a) talked about birth b) talked about someones hips and c) sang a famous song about beans......which I believe was all in the same day...........heh irony...... It truly is the good life. And it's funny.

Part of the reason I haven't blogged is because I'm using most of the material I blog for the purposes of stand-up comedy. And usually I get most of my material from these lunch breaks. I mean...I usually get my material just from ranting about anything when I'm around people, but they usually are the only people I'm around, with the exception of FHE and Church. Maybe it's just me...but it feels like when I talk sometimes its like everyone expects something funny to come out. I hope thats not what it's like when I get into Humor U. Because dang fetch that'd get annoying on-a-counta I'm just a boy, con flab it! (haha thanks Hey Arnold).

And! I'm really white! What the flip is that about? I'm going to lay in the sun all week. Forget that.I'm an italian man. 50% methinks. And my skin can bronze, baby girl. So yEEEaaah.

If you have a brain and use it to, you got to know I have a crush on you. - More MxPx.

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