Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Fear Number 2.

So hear is the next in a list of dumb fears.

Well. This one is always something I'm always thinking about. And when I say that I'm thinking about them, I mean I'm hardly ever thinking about them.

2. A door opening and hitting me in the face.

Or vice versa. Like. Imagine, if you will, a door that opens out and accessible from both sides. People are going in and out fairly fast. I need to go in. Is there someone coming out??? I dunno. I can't see through wood. I go to open it. I don't hear the person on the otherside. BAM. Has it ever happened before? No. But it's real. Worse case scenario, I die. Best case scenario, we both stop before we know what's happening (the usual). Middle case scenario, I get my hand blasted by the door knob. Think about it.

It's real.

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