Sunday, October 14, 2012

The Marriage Resume

Alright. I've been thinking a lot about resumes. I'm a professional practices class and we have been making our own resumes. I thought it would be funny if everyone had marriage resumes. It would work something like your reputation. You would exchange resumes or hand your resume to the girl. I thought it was comical. I just thought I'd write my own marriage resume to explain the idea.

Address City St 12345
(pho) nen umbe

Currently designing eco-friendly kids furniture and I love it.

Education :
College student - Indusrial Design. 3.7/4.0 GPA. Student of life. Graduated Seminary. Graduated Institute.

Experience :
I've dated several girls. In which I learned many things about womanhood and such.
Served a mission and had to live with a sloppy dude for two whole years.
I've taught Sunday School twice to 12-13 and 14-18 classes. Taught Elder's Quoram for a year and a half at BYU.

Skills :
I feel like I have an 'ok' handle on the scriptures, but I'm not a general authority (we can learn together ( : ) I can cook exceptionally well. I like to do dishes. I like to be clean and not leave a mess for others. I always want to dress well. I play guitar, drums and uke. I've dabbled in the harmonica. I've been told I do pretty creative dates. I like to do spontaneous acts of service, especially for cute girls. I like to compliment. I bake. I'm thrifty like all Eagle Scouts should be. I can cuddle pretty dece. You may or may not know that I write a blog. I enjoy the company of babies. I can draw. I'm pretty good at working with my hands. I'm not afraid of getting dirty. I am a Smash Bro's Champion. I'm a wood-worker and carpenter when I need to be. I'm devoted to my job, design. I love good design and my house will be modernly furnished. I work hard and usually have some idea where I'm going. Did I mention I'm debt free? Unless you count the Maverick soda I own my roomie. (:

I dunno......I can't dunk. I can't bench press over 160 pounds. I'm near sighted. I'm not that fond of dogs, but some are cool. I've never changed a poopy diaper. Occasionally, I like a video game or two. I don't know how to sew exactly, but I make it up pretty well. Spiders and snakes are pretty scary to me. I will also run from a skunk. I'm not the biggest fan of camping, but I like the outdoors and scenic views. I'm a pretty weak swimmer, as in, I could save my own life just probably not yours. In fact I'd probably be a threat to your life more than anything.

Hobbies/Additional :
I like to travel. I have been from the east coast to the west coast. The pacific is cooler, a little more crazy. I like to watch movies, but only ones worth my time, so that means I'll watch anything not a horror movie because they are a waste of time and a disturber of the Spirit. I like soda. I like good food. I love my Mom. Dad is cool.  I miss my cat. I like to bike. Basketball defines me. Fresh Prince is my alternative ego. I'm not afraid to cry though I hardly do unless it's right. There is a time to laugh, to be serious and to cry. I have completed the blaze'n challenge at buffalo wild wings (which was stupid). I enjoy modesty.

My covenants are everything to me. I don't realize how powerful they are all the time, but I want to honor them. I want to be a "covenant person" and not a "hireling" (conference talk called Sacred Covenants by Bruce Hafen). The Book of Mormon is obviously way important, but the Bible is what I learned on the mission in Independence Missouri. I've never missed church unless I was snowed in or a hurricane threatened my life. I wish I could see what Joseph Smith saw in the scriptures, but I realize that takes time.

Quotes I live by :
"Nothing is learned until experienced." "You miss 100% of the shots you don't take." "Anything the Prophets say goes."

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